We Unbox the first-ever Game of Thrones subscription box! (video)

I'm a sucker for subscription boxes and will give just about any of them a try. Yeah, most of the time it's a bunch of cool-looking, non-functional swag that just takes up space, but that goes for almost all the crap we collect over time, no? Anyway, we received the first-ever subscription box for HBO's Game of Thrones (courtesy of CultureFly) and took the liberty of cracking it open to show you if it's worth your gold or not. As a huge fan of the show this was a pleasure to open and I was pleased to find that the majority of the items were pretty legit and could actually be used, rather than just sit around and collect dust. So, let's head to Westeros (or rather, my hastily assembled set) and open up this bad boy. Pics below of all the swag if you just want to get a peek under the hood.

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Source: JoBlo.com



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