Wedding Banned banned

There are times (like ohhhh, five minutes ago) where you completely lose faith in Hollywood. But then a few rays of sunshine start to peek in and you think things might not be all bad. A little bit of sunshine poked through the clouds this morning as it was announced that Disney has abandoned the upcoming Robin Williams "comedy" WEDDING BANNED.

The film, which was to have starred Williams, Anna Faris and Diane Keaton, would star divorced parents teaming up to kidnap their daughter on the eve of her wedding to prevent her marriage. While no direct reason was given, the recent disappointment of the Disney/Williams comedy OLD DOGS is being speculated as the likely reason. While Disney has dropped the film, the project is in turnaround where another studio could theoretically pick it up (but let's all really, really hope that they don't).

These are all moves by Disney to branch out with different types of movies in the future and reportedly new head honcho Rich Ross has been telling people that TWILIGHT could have, and should have, been Disney movies. I'll just let that last sentence linger in your brain for a little bit before reminding you that the studio actually has some very geek friendly stuff coming in the new year including TRON: LEGACY, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and PRINCE OF PERSIA.

Extra Tidbit: Congratulations for not going to see OLD DOGS and directly putting an end to these types of movies.
Source: THR



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