Wedge has Invention

Animation big wig Chris Wedge (ICE AGE) has signed on to direct his first live-action feature, THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET for Warner Bros. Johnny Depp is producing the film, which is based on a novel by Brian Selznick. Wedge has a long-standing relationship with Fox and where his Blue Sky Studios is housed. He directed ICE AGE and ROBOTS for the studio and produce the ICE AGE sequels and the recent hit HORTON HEARS A WHO. Wedge takes over the project from Martin Scorsese who previously had been developing the project. The film follows a 12-year-old boy living in a train station at the turn of the 20th century. His father, a museum curator, dies but not before showing him his latest discovery - a robot sitting at a desk waiting to deliver an important message, if only they could turn him on. The young boy becomes obsessed with solving the mystery in his father's memory to find out the robot's secret. John Logan (GLADIATOR, SWEENEY TODD) is writing the adaptation of Selznick's novel. Wedge's foray into live-action with another studio is not expected to impact his work with Fox and Blue Sky. Filming on HUGO CABRET is expected to begin this fall.

Extra Tidbit: Wedge provides the squeaky voice for ICE AGE character Scrat.
Source: Variety



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