Weekend Box-Office: April 9-11, 2010

UPDATE: The actual figures were reported today and it turns out that DATE NIGHT had over-estimated their Sunday take, so CLASH OF THE TITANS was the real #1 movie this weekend. So that's two weeks in a row at #1 for CLASH. See updated figures below.


Date Night squeaks by Clash & Dragon...?

Despite Tina Fey & Steve Carrel's DATE NIGHT finishing atop the box-office charts this past weekend, it looks like DreamWorks Animation's HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is the "talk of the town", as it's only $1.5M behind the #1 movie, and lost only 13% of its audience since last weekend. In fact, only $1.5M separated the top 3 movies which means that the real winner will be determined on Monday when the actual figures are announced (the figures below are "estimates", like every Sunday). Weekend "estimates" include actual figures from Fridays and Saturdays, but estimates for how much a movie will take in on Sunday. Sunday estimates are based on such factors as how similar movies performed in past weekends, etc...

DRAGON is also the 2nd highest grossing movie of the year behind ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND and seems to have "legs" which may even take it over the $200M mark. The film was lauded by almost every critic out there and seems to be the first big surprise hit of the year. Last week's #1 movie, CLASH OF THE TITANS, surprisingly didn't lose as much of its audience as some predicted, as it stayed strong in 2nd place, despite losing about 55% of its audience from last weekend. The film has already past the $130M mark, and apparently had a budget of around $125M.

Another "surprise" this week came in the 10th spot. A film called LETTERS TO GOD about a kid with cancer who (you guessed it!) writes letters to God to help him cope with his disease. Yeeeesh. Anyway, the film was backed by Christians and managed to crack the top 10 despite getting ripped by most critics ("This story of a courageous child's battle with cancer would have been so much better if it had been a documentary."). The two films to get knocked out of the top 10 this week include Martin Scorsese's SHUTTER ISLAND ($125M) and SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE ($30M).

Next week sees the release of two films, the first of which is a remake of the 2007 film DEATH AT A FUNERAL starring many of the top African-American comedian-actors out there and directed by the dude who majorly f*cked up the remake of THE WICKER MAN (if you don't believe me, check this out!), as well as the long-awaited KICK-ASS, which is probably the exact opposite of the former film, in its originality and target audience, at least. If you haven't read our own JoBlo.com review of the film yet, check that out right HERE. So I guess there's only one question left: How much money do you think KICK-ASS will make in its first weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Clash of the Titans $ 26.6 Million $ 110.2 Million
2. Date Night $ 25.2 Million
3. How to Train... $ 24.9 Million $ 133.4 Million
4. Why Did I Get... $ 11 Million $ 48.5 Million
5. The Last Song $ 10 Million $ 42.4 Million
6. Alice in Wonderland $ 5.6 Million $ 319.3 Million
7. Hot Tub Time Machine $ 5.4 Million $ 36.9 Million
8. The Bounty Hunter $ 4.3 Million $ 56 Million
9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid $ 4.1 Million $ 53.7 Million
10. Letters to God $ 1.1 Million




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