Weekend Box-Office: December 31 - January 2


A double dose of Fockers...

The New Years weekend is always a slow one at the box-office and the first weekend of 2011 was no different. The only new release this weekend - The Weinstein Co's BLUE VALENTINE - only opened in four theaters leaving this week's players largely the same as last weeks. While LITTLE FOCKERS has been getting abused by critics, it still managed to top this weekend's box-office, though just barely edging out a stronger-than-expected showing from TRUE GRIT.

FOCKERS brought in another $26.3 million putting it over $100 million but perhaps the bigger story was TRUE GRIT dropping only 1.4% from last week and $24.5 million and at $86.7 million total, it's the biggest box-office hit for the Coens. (By contrast, TRUE GRIT cost just shy of $40 million to make while the FOCKERS budget was over $100 million.)

If you're counting, it looks as if Jeff Bridges will have two $100-million-plus movies opening this December as TRUE GRIT should cross the mark next weekend and TRON: LEGACY jumped over the mark with an $18 million weekend and a healthy $130 million total. It's not the huge blockbuster Disney was hoping but it's proving to be a moderate success (the worldwide take is over $240 million to-date).

Doing well this weekend were kids releases as both YOGI BEAR and TANGLED actually jumped up in the charts with YOGI going from 5th to 4th with a $14 million weekend and TANGLED leaping from 9th to 6th with $10 million and a surprising $168 million total (making it possible TANGLED could out-gross TRON - a surprising, though welcome, outcome for Disney).

The aforementioned new release BLUE VALENTINE performed respectably in New York and Los Angeles with a $45,000 per-screen average and a $180,000 total.

Next weekend starts the beginning of the January dump season when many of the studios release some of their crappiest movies of the year. Up first is the Nic Cage medieval action flick SEASON OF THE WITCH. It's the only new release and could wind up winning the weekend by default. But the film hasn't been getting great word of mouth and may leave the weekend open for a FOCKERS trifecta or TRUE GRIT leapfrogging to the top. Who do you think will come out on top? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Little Fockers $ 26.3 Million $ 103.2 Million
2. True Grit $ 24.5 Million $ 86.8 Million
3. Tron: Legacy $ 18.3 Million $ 130.8 Million
4. Yogi Bear $ 13 Million $ 66.1 Million
5. Chronicles of Narnia $ 10.5 Million $ 87.1 Million
6. Tangled $ 10.1 Million $ 168 Million
7. The Fighter $ 7.2 Million $ 46.4 Million
8. Gulliver's Travels $ 9.1 Million $ 27.2 Million
9. Black Swan $ 8.5 Million $ 47.4 Million
10. The King's Speech $ 7.6 Million $ 22.8 Million


1. Little Fockers $26.3 M $103.2 M
2. True Grit $24.5 M $86.8 M
3. Tron: Legacy $18.3 M $130.8 M
4. Yogi Bear $13 M $66.1 M
5. Chronicles of Narnia $10.5 M $87.1 M
6. Tangled $10.1 M $168 M
7. The Fighter $10 M $46.4 M
8. Gulliver's Travels $9.1 M $27.2 M
9. Black Swan $8.5 M $47.4 M
10. The King's Speech $7.6 M $22.8 M


Source: JoBlo.com



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