Weekend Box-Office: February 12-14, 2010


Romance beats fantasy & horror!!

Looks like there was a little something out there for everyone this past weekend as the "lovers" in the audience (read: chicks) decided to check out the "meh"-looking VALENTINE'S DAY, making it the #1 movie of the weekend, with close to $53M in receipts. Fans of HARRY POTTER and fantasy flicks checked out PERCY JACKSON AND THE JACKSON FIVE, giving it the second spot with $31M, although don't mention that to horror fans who were out in droves to see WOLFMAN, which also made close to $31M in its first 3 days of release (we'll have to see which film ended up with more on Monday when the "actual figures" are released -- the numbers below are estimates for now).

AVATAR also continued to kick ash at the box-office, losing only 4% of its audience from last weekend (made another $22M this weekend), but ending up in 4th place after nine weeks in the top 2. The film has already set the record for the highest-grossing movie of all-time (both domestic and worldwide) and only continues to add dollars to that total at this point. The film has made over $2.35 BILLION around the world so far.

Last week's #1 movie, DEAR JOHN, lost a surprising 50% of its audience from last weekend, despite this being the weekend for love and all that shit. That's a greater drop than Travolta's FROM PARIS WITH LOVE, which only lost 40% of its dollars from last weekend. Mel Gibson's EDGE OF DARKNESS doesn't appear to be a 'money-maker' at this point, as the film has grossed only $36M, despite a budget of around $80M. The only Oscar contender to stick around the top 10 (other than AVATAR, of course) is CRAZY HEART, which seems to be picking up more buzz, as it extends its distribution across the country.

The 3 films that were booted from the top 10 this week include LEGION ($38M), THE BOOK OF ELI ($87M) and SHERLOCK HOLMES ($204M) after close to 2 months in the top 10. 

Next week sees the release of only one big movie, but it's a doozy! Martin Scorsese's long-awaited SHUTTER ISLAND starring Leo The Cap is finally being released next weekend, along with a limited release of Roman Polanski's THE GHOST WRITER (also known as THE GHOST in Europe). The big question this week is related to the 3 big releases of this past weekend: which one of the top 3 movies do you think will end up with the most $$$ when their theatrical run is complete? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Valentine's Day $ 52.4 Million
2. Percy Jackson &... $ 31.1 Million
3. Wolfman $ 30.6 Million
4. Avatar $ 22 Million $ 659.6 Million
5. Dear John $ 15.3 Million $ 53.2 Million
6. Tooth Fairy $ 5.6 Million $ 41.5 Million
7. From Paris with Love $ 4.7 Million $ 15.9 Million
8. Edge of Darkness $ 4.6 Million $ 36.1 Million
9. Crazy Heart $ 4 Million $ 16.5 Million
10. When in Rome $ 3.4 Million $ 26 Million




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