Weekend Box-Office: January 14-16, 2011


Green Hornet KO's the competition!

Kudos to Seth Rogen & gang as his latest film, THE GREEN HORNET, despite middling reviews, managed a solid opening weekend of $34M in its first three days. Being as January is generally considered as the "dump month", the film managed to rank as the 3rd highest January opening of all-time! Too bad we can't say the same for Vince Vaughn's latest "walk through" entitled THE DILEMMA, a film that most everyone agreed was not really all that good. The movie still managed a second place finish with about $17M, but something tells me that it won't stick around for too long.

And speaking of films disappearing from view really fast, check out the 2nd weekend for Nic Cage's SEASON OF THE WITCH! The film opened in 3rd place last weekend, but has already dropped to 10th spot this weekend, losing 58% of its audience from last weekend (must be the hair). And what happened to holiday releases like THE TOURIST and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS? They're nowhere to be found, while quality releases like TRUE GRIT, THE FIGHTER, THE KING'S SPEECH and BLACK SWAN are managing to keep some people interested in theatrical releases during this dead period.

Oh and in case you forgot, the GOLDEN GLOBES are tonight and JoBlo.com's MovieHotties is hosting its annual CHAT during the Globes starting at 7pm tonight, so check that out if you're around.

As for those kooky Coen bros, it's interesting to note that the greatest box-office score that they managed during their first 20 years of movie-making, was THE LADYKILLERS with $39M back in 2004. Since then, they've made 4 films, 3 of which have grossed over $60M and the latest of which, TRUE GRIT, is their highest-grossing movie of all-time! ($126M and counting!) Have they officially "sold out" or are audiences just figuring out how awesome these filmmakers are? (btw, if you haven't done so already, smoke a doob and watch THE BIG LEBOWSKI some night...thank me later)

The two films to get booted from the top 10 this week included COUNTRY STRONG, which only managed to slip into the top 10 for one weekend ($13M), while TANGLED managed a great showing, lasting almost 2 months in the top 10, while earning close to $181M when all was said and done. That said, the film apparently cost $260M to make?!? How is that possible?

Next week sees the release of only one film, but it may accentuate the peak of Natalie Portman in the public's consciousness, as NO STRINGS ATTACHED is released, inexplicably co-starring Ashton Kutcher, in a seeming play on the ol' WHEN HARRY MET SALLY plotline (can friends sleep together and still remain friends...psst, the answer is "no"). So are you interested in seeing this film or would you rather stay home and cut your toenails? VOTE NOW!!!

1. The Green Hornet $ 34 Million
2. The Dilemma $ 17.4 Million
3. True Grit $ 11.2 Million $ 126.4 Million
4. The King's Speech $ 9.1 Million $ 44.6 Million
5. Black Swan $ 8.1 Million $ 72.9 Million
6. Little Fockers $ 7.1 Million $ 134.2 Million
7. Tron: Legacy $ 5.7 Million $ 156.9 Million
8. Yogi Bear $ 5.3 Million $ 82.1 Million
9. The Fighter $ 5.1 Million $ 65.8 Million
10. Season of the Witch $ 4.5 Million $ 17.9 Million


1. The Green Hornet $34 M
2. The Dilemma $17.4 M
3. True Grit $11.2 M $126.4 M
4. The King's Speech $9.1 M $44.6 M
5. Black Swan $8.1 M $72.9 M
6. Little Fockers $7.1 M $134.2 M
7. Tron: Legacy $5.7 M $156.9 M
8. Yogi Bear $5.3 M $82.1 M
9. The Fighter $5.1 M $65.8 M
10. Season of the Witch $4.5 M $17.9 M




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