Weekend Box-Office: January 7-9, 2011


Finally, True Grit hits #1....!!

I don't think any of us were surprised not to see Nic Cage's latest entitled SEASON OF THE WITCH open in the #1 spot this weekend, as it posted an abysmal 4% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes (only 4 out of 74 reviewers recommended it) and proved to be the ideal "January dump release" movie in every which way. The film opened in 3rd place with about $10M, which left the #1 spot open to both TRUE GRIT and LITTLE FOCKERS, with the latter holding the top spot over the past two weeks, but I guess the time had come for TRUE GRIT as it surpassed those fockers and secured the #1 spot this week with $15M added to their already-impressive total.

TRUE GRIT also became the first Western since the 1990s to surpass the $100M mark, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down just yet. The film also became the Coen brothers' highest-grossing movie ever surpassing NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN ($74M) and BURN AFTER READING ($60M).

And speaking of career-high movies, Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN seems to be the ideal film for him at this stage of his career, as he prepares to take on his first major commercial venture with THE WOLVERINE, SWAN has quickly become his own high-grossing movie ever, surpassing the combined total of his previous 4 movies all together (PI - $3M, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM - $3M, THE FOUNTAIN - $10M, THE WRESTLER - $26M). In the case of both TRUE GRIT and BLACK SWAN, the films only cost $38M and $11M respectively, so the profit margins are gonna be real sweet for the studios backing them to boot.

Many may say that LITTLE FOCKERS and TRON: LEGACY are successful as well, but with budgets of $100M and $170M respectively, you can see how the two smaller movies are more enticing financially. Speaking of which, the other "new movie" to pop into the top 10 this week was the wide release of Gwyneth Paltrow's COUNTRY STRONG which opened in 6th place with about $7M, while costing only about $15M to make. The two films to get booted from the top 10 this weekend were the latest NARNIA movie ($95M) and the real "bomb" of the season, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, which ended up grossing only $35M, despite costing about $112M to make.

Next week sees the release of two "big movies" with "big stars" and "big directors", but both of which look pretty ho-hum so far. The first is THE GREEN HORNET starring Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz, directed by Michel Gondry and the second film is a comedy directed by Ron Howard starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder (one of these things just doesn't belong here...) entitled THE DILEMMA. Since we're JoBlo.com, this week's poll question wants to know whether or not you're stoked to see THE GREEN HORNET. Well...are you!?? VOTE NOW!!!

1. True Grit $ 15 Million $ 110.4 Million
2. Little Fockers $ 13.8 Million $ 123.9 Million
3. Season of the Witch $ 10.7 Million
4. Tron: Legacy $ 9.8 Million $ 147.9 Million
5. Black Swan $ 8.4 Million $ 61.5 Million
6. Country Strong $ 7.3 Million
7. The Fighter $ 7 Million $ 57.8 Million
8. The King's Speech $ 6.8 Million $ 33.3 Million
9. Yogi Bear $ 6.8 Million $ 75.6 Million
10. Tangled $ 5.2 Million $ 175.9 Million


1. True Grit $15 M $110.4 M
2. Little Fockers $13.8 M $123.9 M
3. Season of the Witch $10.7 M
4. Tron: Legacy $9.8 M $147.9 M
5. Black Swan $8.4 M $61.5 M
6. Country Strong $7.3 M
7. The Fighter $7 M $57.8 M
8. The King's Speech $6.8 M $33.3 M
9. Yogi Bear $6.8 M $75.6 M
10. Tangled $5.2 M $175.9 M




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