Weekend Box-Office: March 25-27, 2011

Wimpy Kid beats hot chicks with guns

And there I was, looking for a cool-ass unique picture of SUCKER PUNCH to use for this article, when I realized that a sequel to a family film that I frankly had barely heard about, had actually beat Zack Snyder's latest to the #1 spot...and by quite a bit as well! Wow. I suppose the mostly-negative reviews for SUCKER didn't help the film's cause, but DIARY OF A WIMPY KID...really?!? Sigh. I guess the marketplace is looking for more family films these days and less action-packed films featuring hot chicks with guns. Sigh again.

The DIARY OF A WIMPY KID sequel even bettered the opening of its predecessor from last year, which had opened with $22M and ended up with $64M when all was said and done. This year's film opens with close to $25M, so it'll be interesting to see where it ends up and if we can all look forward to seeing DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: MORE MONEY PLEASE opening wide in 2012. It's to note that despite SUCKER scoring only a 20% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, DIARY didn't fare all that much better with only 40% of critics recommending it to their followers.

For Zack Snyder, the "so-so" opening for SUCKER PUNCH represents his 2nd-lowest launch of all-time, a little above LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS, which opened with $16M last year. His greatest opening had been 300 with $70M, followed by WATCHMEN at $55M and DAWN OF THE DEAD with $26M. Something tells me that his SUPERMAN REBOOT flick will beat all those openings and then some! (if you haven't read the news yet, Amy Adams was cast as Lois Lane today)

Some of the films in the rest of the top 10 didn't lose too much of their audience from last weekend, including last week's #1 movie, LIMITLESS, which lost only 20% from last weekend, and remained a steady gainer in 3rd place. It has earned $41M in the first 10 days of release. THE LINCOLN LAWYER also seems to be gaining an audience with superb word-of-mouth, as it too only lost 16% of its audience from last weekend, and remained in 4th place, just like last week. RANGO finally dropped to 5th place, but also surpassed the $100M mark in only its 4th weekend of release. Another $100M-grosser for Johnny Depp! 

The biggest loser of the weekend (and the month, actually) was MARS NEEDS MOMS, which lost 59% of its audience from last weekend, and has only earned $19M in its 3 weeks of release, despite costing a staggering $150M to produce. The two films to get knocked from the top 10 this weekend were BEASTLY ($25M) and HALL PASS ($42M), which continued the Farrelly Brothers streak of sub-$50M grossing comedies going all the way back to SHALLOW HALL in 2001, which had made $70M. Since then, they've made STUCK ON YOU ($33M), FEVER PITCH ($42M) and THE HEARTBREAK KID ($36M).

Next weekend sees the release of three more big flicks including the well-reviewed INSIDIOUS, directed by the man who helmed the best SAW movie from the entire franchise (in my humble opinion), James Wan, as well the latest animated film for kids called HOP and the film that's got me pretty stoked starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Duncan Jones -- the man behind the underrated MOON -- called SOURCE CODE. So which movie do you think will be in the #1 spot next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules $24.4 M
2. Sucker Punch $19 M
3. Limitless $15.2 M $41.3 M
4. The Lincoln Lawyer $11 M $28.9 M
5. Rango $9.8 M $106.4 M
6. Battle: Los Angeles $7.6 M $72.6 M
7. Paul $7.5 M $24.6 M
8. Red Riding Hood $4.3 M $32.5 M
9. The Adjustment Bureau $4.2 M $54.9 M
10. Mars Needs Moms $2.2 M $19.2 M




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