Weekend Box-Office: May 13-15, 2011

Thor smash...again!!!!!

Despite the awesome reviews for BRIDESMAIDS across the board, the film just couldn't beat the power of THOR which maintained the #1 position on the box-office charts, two weeks in a row. The Judd Apatow-produced comedy didn't fare too badly though, as it finished in 2nd place with a very respectable $25M, which exceeded expectations (the film only cost $32M to make). THOR, on the other hand, lost about 48% of its audience from last weekend, which is also a pretty respectable figure for a "genre film" which tend to lose 60% in their second weeks of release.

THOR has earned $119M during its first 10 days of release, which is an awesome figure, of course, but far behind the $211M that IRON MAN 2 has garnered after its first 10 days of release last year. THOR has made a ton of money overseas as well though, so I don't think anybody at Marvel is panicking much at this point (the film cost $150M to produce). It'll be interesting to see how far it drops next weekend though, when the latest PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film is released and aims at the same audience.

The other new film release of the weekend, PRIEST, also didn't fare too poorly with a 4th place finish and about $15M in grosses. Once more, the 3D theaters didn't gain as much money as the 2D theaters for the film, so it'll be interesting to see how 3D trend continues to do over the summer. It's to note that last year's LEGION was directed by the same guy as PRIEST -- and also starred Paul Bettany -- opened with $18M and ended up with around $40M, which PRIEST would be lucky to attain, in my opinion.

FAST FIVE is now officially the #1 top grossing movie of 2011, with $169M in domestic receipts alone, which is about $45M more than the film in 2nd place overall, RIO with $125M (it's to note that RIO only lost 6% of its audience from last weekend, so it's got leeeeeeegs!). The rest of the overall top 5 are rounded out by RANGO in 3rd place with $120M, THOR in 4th place with $119M and HOP in 5th place with $107M.

Not too surprisingly, the two films to get booted from the top 10 this week were HOOKWINKED TOO ($8M) and PROM ($9M). Neither film seemed to connect with any audience.

Next weekend sees the release of only one movie entitled PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, which is obviously one of the biggest money-making summer franchises from the past decade, so it'll be interesting to see how it does after a 4-year absence and the loss of stars Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley (uuuuuuh, what ever happened to those two, anyway?). The first PIRATES opened with $47M and ended up with $305M, the second PIRATES opened with $136M (4th biggest opening of all-time, incidentally) and ended up with $423M and the third PIRATES opened with $115M and ended up with $309M. Sooooo, how much $$$ do you think PIRATES 4 will open with next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Thor $34.5 M $119.3 M
2. Bridesmaids $24.4 M
3. Fast Five $19.5 M $168.8 M
4. Priest $14.5 M
5. Rio $8 M $124.9 M
6. Jumping the Broom $7.3 M $25.9 M
7. Something Borrowed $7 M $25.6 M
8. Water for Elephants $4.1 M $48.5 M
9. Madea's Big Happy Family $2.2 M $50.2 M
10. Soul Surfer $1.8 M $39.2 M




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