Weekend Box-Office: May 6-8, 2011

Thor smash...!!!

After last weekend's massive $84M opening by FAST FIVE, it seemed like everything was set for THOR to break the $100M opening mark, as per previous Marvel superhero movies like SPIDER-MAN ($115M), IRON MAN ($98M), WOLVERINE ($85M) and others, but despite the awesome reviews, it managed only $66M over its first three days of release, which is "good", but ultimately the studio expects the film to keep bringing in the big bucks, for weeks to come.

This opening is more in line with 2003's THE HULK, which opened with $62M and ended up grossing close to $132M when all was said and done. I would assume that THOR will beat that, but then again...my mother always taught me never to ass-u-me anything. Something to do with being an ass!!!

Last weekend's #1 movie movie, FAST FIVE, dropped a ton this week, losing 62% of its audience from last weekend, but it still managed to stick around in second place, and raise its domestic gross to $140M after only 10 days of release (that's only $15M off the franchise record of $155M). The other 2 new film releases, JUMPING THE BROOM and SOMETHING BORROWED, did "ayight", but nothing more than that with $13M grosses and a 3rd and 4th place showing respectively.

The main difference between the two films is that BROOM only cost $7M to produce, while BORROWED cost closer to $35M. Yet another Kate Hudson disappointment. Can anyone please explain to me why Hollywood keeps casting this lame chick in every other rom-com out there? (that is, other than her great ass!).

And after six full weeks in the top 10, James Wan's surprise horror hit INSIDIOUS finally dropped out and into 11th place this weekend. The film apparently only cost Film District about $2M, and has so far grossed over $50M for the distributor. Not too shabby. SOURCE CODE also dropped out of the top 10 this weekend, while it too grossed around $50M (although the Jake Gyllenhaal film apparently cost around $32M to produce).

Next week sees the release of the first R-rated "chick flick" of the summer, BRIDESMAIDS, a film produced by Judd Apatow, directed by Paul Feig ("Freaks & Geeks") and starring a ton of funny ladies (psssst, it's also sitting at 85% over at Rotten Tomatoes), as well as the film that I thought was somehow related to LEGION from last year entitled PRIEST. So do you think that either BRIDESMAIDS or PRIEST will be able to beat THOR to the #1 spot next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Thor $66 M
2. Fast Five $32.5 M $139.8 M
3. Jumping the Broom $13.7 M
4. Something Borrowed $13.2 M
5. Rio $8.2 M $114.9 M
6. Water for Elephants $5.6 M $41.6 M
7. Madea's Big Happy Family $3.9 M $46.8 M
8. Prom $2.4 M $7.8 M
9. Soul Surfer $2.1 M $36.7 M
10. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil $1.9 M $6.7 M




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