Weekend Box-Office: May 7-9, 2010


Iron Man is a smash! But doesn't break the "Dark Knight" record...

Two new movies were released this past weekend. BABIES was a documentary about babies from around the world and it opened in 10th place with $1.6M. The other film was IRON MAN 2 and it opened in 1st place with about $132M more than BABIES. Not too shabby. In fact, the film smashed its own franchise record, as the original IRON MAN had opened with $99M back in 2008, and ended up making $318M when all was said and done. Looks like the sequel will top that total, but then again, let's wait and see.

On the other hand, many wondered if IRON MAN 2 would beat the all-time opening weekend record of $158M set by THE DARK KNIGHT, but unfortunately it didn't, landing in 5th place on that lauded list instead. After THE DARK KNIGHT, the films on record are: SPIDER-MAN 3 ($151M), NEW MOON ($143M), PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST ($136M). Heck, even ALICE IN WONDERLAND is 7th on that list with $116M in its opening weekend earlier this year. IRON MAN 2 has also earned $194M overseas so far, bringing its overall total to $330M already. Wow. All that and the film wasn't even "forced" into a 3-D release! Kudos to Favreau and the studio for that!

Unsurprisingly, last week's #1 movie, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET dropped 72% of its audience from its opening, but still managed to hang around in 2nd place. The film's decrease was one of the biggest drops of the year for any movie from week 1 to week 2. The film which lost the least of its audience from last weekend was DATE NIGHT, which in its 5th week of release, still stands pretty strong in 4th place with about $80M in total so far. The film is already profitable, as it only cost about $55M to produce.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON also kept on chugging along in 3rd place, adding another $7M to its coffers this past weekend, and pushing the movie's total past the impressive $200M mark. The two films to get booted from the top 10 this week include KICK-ASS ($45M) which was still profitable, costing only $30M to put together and OCEANS ($16M) which seems to have "tanked", if you consider that it apparently cost about $80M to make (although I assume that's the sort of movie that will make a lot more money on home video).

Next week sees the release of 3 new "summer movies" including Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe going back to the well again with ROBIN HOOD, a film which looks like a combination of GLADIATOR, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and any other Robin Hood movie before it. For the romance seekers out there, Amanda Seyfried is back again in something called LETTERS FROM JULIET (her agent might want to look up the word "over-exposed" in the dictionary before booking her on her next gigs), while the African-American community will be targeted with JUST WRIGHT featuring Queen Latifah and Common singing about basketball. Oh, what's that you say? The two rappers are actually the lead actors in this movie? M-ooooookay. Whatever your desire, this week's poll question asks you what your thoughts are on the latest cinematic ROBIN HOOD incarnation? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Iron Man 2 $ 133.6 Million
2. A Nightmare on Elm... $ 9.2 Million $ 48.5 Million
3. How to Train... $ 6.8 Million $ 201.1 Million
4. Date Night $ 5.3 Million $ 80.9 Million
5. The Back-Up Plan $ 4.3 Million $ 29.4 Million
6. Furry Vengeance $ 4 Million $ 11.6 Million
7. Clash of the Titans $ 2.3 Million $ 157.8 Million
8. Death at a Funeral $ 2.1 Million $ 38.3 Million
9. The Losers $ 1.8 Million $ 21.5 Million
10. Babies $ 1.6 Million




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