Weekend Box-Office: November 25-27, 2011

The Twilight Saga defeats The Muppets!

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend may be the time for family gatherings, but the trio of new family-friendly movies wasn't as appealing to crowds as supernatural guys and unnatural delivery -- in its second week, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN (PART 1) easily beat the premiering THE MUPPETS, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and HUGO.

Over the three-day weekend, BREAKING DAWN (PART 1) collected $42 million ($62M over the 5-day stretch), for a total of $221M after ten days in release. Alas, our felt friends THE MUPPETS (who I clearly overestimated) made their big return but landed in second with $29.5M (and $42M since its Wednesday release). But Kermit and company should feel pretty cheerful anyway -- the movie reportedly cost $45M, and will surely be strong for the weeks between now and Christmas.

Same for newcomer ARTHUR CHRISTMAS, which only shoveled $12.7M ($17M through the 5-day) -- not even enough to rise above last week's new CG 'toon HAPPY FEET TWO, which danced away another $18.3M over the extended holiday box office weekend. But like THE MUPPETS, Aardman's ARTHUR should play well until the next holiday.

The other new release, Martin Scorsese's well-received 3D effort HUGO, performed admirably considering it opened in a third the amount of theaters as BREAKING DAWN. The adaptation brought in $15.3M since Wednesday, with a per-screen average nearly that of HUGO's colorful competitors THE MUPPETS.

Elsewhere on the chart, JACK AND JILL, IMMORTALS, PUSS IN BOOTS and TOWER HEIST each rounded up another 8 figures over the 5-day, while George Clooney continued to be a commanding presence as THE DESCENDANTS expanded to 433 theaters and caught another $9.2M (with the highest per-screen average in the Top 10). Not hitting the list but still notable was the Weinsteins' limited release of MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, pulling in $2M at 244 theaters.

Next week continues the same battle -- BREAKING DAWN should keep plunging as the TWILIGHT series tends to do, but without any other new wide releases, THE MUPPETS, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and HUGO should get a second chance to get the attention of families who were too busy eating, drinking, fighting and/or traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) $42 M $221.3 M
2. The Muppets $29.5 M $42 M
3. Happy Feet Two $13.4 M $43.7 M
4. Arthur Christmas $12.7 M $17 M
5. Hugo $11.3 M $15.3 M
6. Jack and Jill $10.3 M $57.4 M
7. Immortals $8.8 M $68.6 M
8. Puss In Boots $7.4 M $135.6 M
9. Tower Heist $7.3 M $65.3 M
10. The Descendants $7.2 M $10.7 M


Source: Box Office Mojo



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