Weekend Box-Office: November 5-7, 2010


Megamind comes out on top...

Last Sunday, we asked you what film you thought would be the #1 movie this weekend and the top picks were extremely close between DUE DATE with 48% of the vote and MEGAMIND with 45% of the vote. Seems like you guys were pretty close, but not right on as MEGAMIND blasted its way into theaters with over $47M in the first three days of its release, while DUE DATE debuted in 2nd place with an extremely reasonable $34M (although that number may drop drastically next weekend as the reviews for the film weren't too kind, including the 5/10 average from our readers on the MFC).

Tyler Perry's FOR COLORED GIRLS also opened with decent numbers in 3rd place with about $20M, which is pretty great considering that his films usually don't cost much money and are extremely profitable (in this case, FOR COLORED GIRLS only cost $20M to make). In contract, MEGAMIND is purported to have cost about $130M, while DUE DATE cost a hefty $65M to produce.

Despite opening in first place with $23M last weekend, SAW 3D appears to be headed toward the 2nd-lowest gross of any SAW movie ever, second only to last year's SAW VI which only made $28M (the 3rd highest grossing SAW film was the original, which made $55M). The film dropped 64% of its audience from last weekend, which was easily the biggest decrease in the top 10. All that to say, even if they were planning on not making this the "last SAW film", it appears as though the lessening interest in the franchise may lead them to that same conclusion anyway. It was a fun ride while it lasted, kids...or was it??

The entire weekend as a whole was highly successful as the sales from the top 12 films came in at about $146M, which was the highest total since the July 23-25 weekend, which included INCEPTION continuing to roll in first place while the top 12 totaled $155M. The three films to get drop-kicked from the top 10 this weekend included LIFE AS WE KNOW IT ($49M), CONVICTION ($5M) and yes...THE TOWN, which was finally cut loose at $89M. Kudos to Ben Affleck and crew for hanging in the top 10 for just under 2 months though!

Next weekend sees the release of 3 more "big flicks" including MORNING GLORY starring Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams, which opens on Wednesday November 10th. On Friday, November 12th, we'll see the new releases for the somewhat cool-looking (yet something seems "off") sci-fi flick SKYLINE and the latest Tony Scott/Denzel Washington thriller UNSTOPPABLE (another film that looks somewhat cool, yet something seems "off" -- can they really maintain tension during the entire film?). So just as we asked you last weekend, we ask you again this time around: which film do you think will be the #1 movie next weekend? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Megamind $ 47.7 Million
2. Due Date $ 33.5 Million
3. For Colored Girls $ 20.1 Million
4. Red $ 8.9 Million $ 71.9 Million
5. Saw 3D $ 8.2 Million $ 38.8 Million
6. Paranormal Activity 2 $ 7.3 Million $ 77.2 Million
7. Jackass 3D $ 5.1 Million $ 110.8 Million
8. Hereafter $ 4 Million $ 28.7 Million
9. Secretariat $ 4 Million $ 50.9 Million
10. The Social Network $ 3.6 Million $ 85 Million




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