Weekend Box-Office: October 1-3, 2010


Fincher does it again... 

Three new films were released this past weekend but only 1 of them managed to make a significant dent into the top 10 and that was David Fincher's latest piece of cinematic awesomeness entitled THE SOCIAL NETWORK, which despite being known as "the Facebook movie" to a lot of people, has been garnering nothing but extremely positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film managed a strong #1 opening with $23M and is expected to break the $100M mark over the coming weeks. So far, 12 of you have posted your reviews on MOVIE FAN CENTRAL with an average rating of 8.9/10.

The other two new releases didn't fare so well with Renee Zelwegger's CASE 39 opening in 7th spot with about $5.4M and Matt Reeves' questionable remake of LET THE RIGHT ON IN entitled LET ME IN opening in 8th place with about $5.3M. I say "questionable" because despite the film's many positive reviews (MFC includes 6 reviews averaging 8/10), many still question why Americans would feel the need to remake a recent foreign film which on its own, was already extremely powerful and effective. You're really running out of creativity these days, aren't you Hollywood?

The biggest drop in the top 10 came courtesy of last week's #1 movie, WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS (PAL), which lost 47% of its audience from last weekend, and ended up in 3rd place this week. The "owl movie" managed the smallest drop-off in its numbers, losing only 32% of its audience from last weekend and remaining solidly in 2nd place. Speaking of solid numbers, Ben Affleck's THE TOWN is officially a massive hit already, closing in on the $65M mark, despite a $37M budget. You go, BenniJen!

For those scoring at home, INCEPTION finally dropped out of the top 10, after its original release on July 16, 2010. The film remained in the top 10 for almost 3 full months (11 weeks to be exact), has made $288M domestically so far and another $486M in foreign markets, with a grand total of $774M worldwide. Wow. That places the film in 33rd place on the all-time worldwide gross list, right behind friggin' STAR WARS!

Director Christopher Nolan's previous flick, THE DARK KNIGHT, is 7th on that list. Somehow, f*ckin' ALICE IN WONDERLAND is 6th on that list, btw. A bigger wow. By the way, if you look at films that aren't part of a "franchise" on that list, INCEPTION is the 8th biggest non-franchise movie of all-time behind AVATAR, TITANIC, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, FINDING NEMO, INDEPENDENCE DAY, E.T. and THE LION KING. The other film to get drop-kicked from the top 10 this past week was RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE with about $57M, which officially makes it the highest grossing RESIDENT EVIL film in that franchise.

Next week sees the release of a few boring looking movies including the latest attempt at trying to force Katherine Heigl down our throats via a romantic comedy vehicle, this one entitled LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, Wes Craven's attempt at scoring another horror hit starring a bunch of no-names entitled MY SOUL TO TAKE and the latest Walt Disney "feel good based-on-a-true-story featuring a person/animal overcoming all odds" movie entitled SECRETARIAT (and for fans of Maggie Gyllenhaal's SECRETARY, this is not the sequel, prequel or remake). A ton of limited releases are also opening in "select cities" including I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY, NOWHERE BOY, TAMARA DREWE and STONE. Since next week's line-up looks a little lame, this week's poll question revolves around the opposite of lame: What is your favorite David Fincher movie? VOTE NOW!!!

1. The Social Network $ 23 Million
2. Legend of the... $ 10.9 Million $ 30 Million
3. Wall Street: Money... $ 10.1 Million $ 35.9 Million
4. The Town $ 10 Million $ 64.3 Million
5. Easy A $ 7 Million $ 42.4 Million
6. You Again $ 5.6 Million $ 16.4 Million
7. Case 39 $ 5.4 Million
8. Let Me In $ 5.3 Million
9. Devil $ 3.7 Million $ 27.4 Million
10. Alpha and Omega $ 3 Million $ 19 Million




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