Weekend Box-Office: October 21-23, 2011

Paranormal 3 breaks records...

Nobody was really surprised to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 in the #1 spot at the end of this past weekend, but after the original film opened with $20M back in 2009 and its follow-up opened with $40M last year, it was a bit of a surprise to see the latest film smash those figures, while at the same time, becoming the "biggest horror movie opening in history" with $54M over the last 3 days. It also became the highest-opening October release of all-time, breaking JACKASS 3D's record of $50M set just last year. The film only cost about $5M to produce, so something tells me that we'll be seeing plenty of more PARANORMAL flicks in the coming years.

That said, is there any specific reason why all the other studios decided not to release any horror movies this late October?? (aren't you kind of giving audiences no "choice" other than to see this movie if you want to be scared?) I mean seriously...how does that work? Films like FRIGHT NIGHT, FINAL DESTINATION 5, DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and SHARK NIGHT were dropped into the 2011 schedule in late August, but couldn't be held up for a couple of months for the Halloween crowds? I personally don't get that strategy. But hey...at least we get PUSS IN BOOTS next weekend, right? Right?!?

As for the other 2 new releases of the weekend, the news wasn't that much better than THE BIG YEAR was last week as Rowan Atkinson's JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN scored only $4M and a 8th place opening. That figure might be considered troublesome on its own, but the film has already grossed over $105M worldwide since its September release, so no major worries about its $45M budget.

Paul WS Anderson's THE THREE MUSKETEERS (in 3D, sigh) didn't fare too much better with a $9M gross and a 4th place opening, but with only a 28% positive rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, its chances of breaking out aren't very high going forward. Much like JOHNNY ENGLISH, the THREE MUSKETEERS also opened in overseas theaters last month, and did make around $50M from those countries, so Milla needed worry too much about the US marketing and grosses.

The rest of the top 10 remained relatively the same except every film moved down a notch or two, except for THE THING which lost 63% of its audience from last weekend and went from 3rd to 9th place. Films that dropped out of the top 10 this week include one of the biggest flops of the year entitled THE BIG YEAR ($4M), COURAGEOUS ($25M) and THE LION KING ($93M).

Now even though it's Halloween next weekend, not one studio is releasing a "scary movie" for reasons known only to them, but they're more than happy to release Johnny Depp's THE RUM DIARY, Justin Timberlake's sci-fi flick IN TIME and Antonio Banderas' SHREK spin-off movie PUSS IN BOOTS. But this weekend is all about the paranormal, so we ask you, would you be interested in seeing a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 in the near future? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Paranormal Activity 3 $54 M
2. Real Steel $11.3 M $67.2 M
3. Footloose $10.9 M $30.9 M
4. The Three Musketeers $8.8 M
5. The Ides of March $4.9 M $29.2 M
6. Dolphin Tale $4.2 M $64.4 M
7. Moneyball $4.1 M $63.7 M
8. Johnny English Reborn $3.8 M
9. The Thing $3.1 M $14.1 M
10. 50/50 $2.8 M $28.8 M




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