Weekend Box-Office: October 28-30, 2011

Animated kid's movie leads Halloween!

With none of the studios believing that Halloween weekend is a great time to drop a horror movie into our laps, it was the animated PUSS IN BOOTS that led the box-office this weekend with $34M in the #1 spot. For me, I can't help laughing at the film's title since "boots" literally means "vagina" in Armenian. Aaaaaah, the double-entendres. That aside, the first SHREK spin-off flick opened extremely strongly for a non-horror movie (what do I know?), in fact it's on track to beat SAW III as the top Halloween weekend opener of all-time.

In their second weekends of release, both PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 and THE THREE MUSKETEERS lost over 60% of their respective audiences from last weekend, dropping PARANORMAL from #1 to #2, while MUSKETEERS went from #4 to #7. Overall, the weekend was pretty weak with the #4 movie FOOTLOOSE grossing only $5M. The three films to get knocked out of the top 10 this week including 50/50 ($30M), JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN ($5M) and THE THING ($15M). 

Other than PUSS IN BOOTS, the two other new releases of the weekend didn't fare too well with Justin Timberlake's IN TIME opening in 3rd place with lots of negative reviews and only $12M in receipts. It's interesting to note that the film's writer/director Andrew Niccol's most well-known film, GATTACA, actually only grossed $12M overall when it was released back in 1997.

The other new release was Johnny Depp's THE RUM DIARY, which didn't feature Pirates on the screen or Tim Burton behind the lens, but rather another interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson's works. Depp starred in 1998's FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS which only opened with $3M (grossed only $11M overall), which means that the folks behind THE RUM DIARY should be somewhat happy that their film opened with a little more this weekend ($5M). That said, I don't think Disney needs to worry too much about this film taking away from their golden boy's billion-dollar aura.

The overall weekend was pretty crappy though and many reasons may have impacted these results including the lack of horror movies released, the World Series on TV, the nasty East Coast snowstorm or just the overall emphasis on partying on Halloween weekend. It's to note that THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN opened widely in many countries around the world this past weekend (obviously not North America) and performed very well, earning $56M in 19 markets and opening in 1st place in 17 of those 19 countries. The film opens on December 21st on our side of the world.

Next weekend sees the release of two new films including Eddie Murphy's return to the adult-oriented comedy, TOWER HEIST, co-starring Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Mathew Broderick, Tea Leoni and others, as well as an early X-Mas present for all the fun-loving stoners out there as A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS hits theaters. Now that we're switching over to November, what film are you most looking forward to seeing next month? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Puss in Boots $34 M
2. Paranormal Activity 3 $18.5 M $81.3 M
3. In Time $12 M
4. Footloose $5.4 M $38.4 M
5. The Rum Diary $5 M
6. Real Steel $4.7 M $73.8 M
7. The Three Musketeers $3.5 M $14.8 M
8. The Ides of March $2.7 M $33.4 M
9. Moneyball $2.4 M $67.4 M
10. Courageous $1.8 M $27.6 M




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