Weekend Box-Office: October 7-9, 2011

Robots + Disney + Jackman = hit!

It's rare that an entire weekend box-office report doesn't include anything that "surprising" per se, but I think this week is one of those. Granted, Hugh Jackman and his merry robots from REAL STEEL broke out of the pack and achieved an impressive #1 showing with around $27M, but honestly...who wasn't expecting that? (close to 40% of the JoBlo.com readers we polled last weekend had it in exactly that range) The film did cost $110M to make, but the word of mouth has been pretty positive so far, and with the rest of October not looking all that interesting, the movie might ultimately end up making close to $100M (or I'm talking out of my ass).

The other new release of the weekend, George Clooney's THE IDES OF MARCH (no idea what that means, by the way) also fared well with a 2nd place showing and about $10M in receipts. And because of those two new films, DOLPHIN TALE was knocked down to 3rd place after one week in the top spot. MONEYBALL also dropped one spot from 3rd to 4th place this weekend, as both films close in on the $50M mark.

The biggest drop-off from last weekend to this one came from THE LION KING, which lost 57% of its audience from last week. Seeing as REAL STEEL was a "family film", it's obvious that most of those same peeps decided to check out the robots instead. That said, THE LION KING has now generated $85M since its 3D re-release, which ain't too shabby when you consider that it had already grossed $313M during its original release back in 1994. The film's overall total is now $414M, which moves it up from around 31st place on the All-Time Domestic Box-Office charts to 10th place! (only TOY STORY 3 and SHREK 2 have made more money domestically as an animated film)

Seth Rogen's cancer-comedy 50/50 also fared decently this weekend as it remained in 5th place for a second weekend in a row. The film has now grossed close to $20M and cost only about $8M to produce. The 2 films to get booted from the top 10 in order to make way for the two new releases were CONTAGION ($69M) and KILLER ELITE ($22M).

Next weekend is an odd one as a few "big name"-starring films will be receiving only "limited releases" including TRESPASS starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman and FATHER OF INVENTION starring Kevin Spacey. No worries about catching them in theaters though as both films will be released on home video in the coming weeks! TRESPASS will be out on DVD on November 1st, while FATHER OF INVENTION will hit video-stores (do they still exist?) on October 28th. Weird.

And speaking of weird, I can't find any reliable information about the Julia Roberts/Ryan Reynolds film FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN other than the IMBD which states that it will be coming out next weekend. The film was shot back in 2007, but had problems with its distribution...and then some! If you know exactly what is happening with this film, please post it in the STRIKE BACKs below.

Finally, the 3 wide releases opening next weekend include THE BIG YEAR starring Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson (this looks hooooorrible), FOOTLOOSE (this looks hooooooorible) and the remake - prequel - sequel - lame-ass-idea THE THING (this looks hoooooorrible). So more importantly, which October film are you most excited about, if any? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Real Steel $27.3 M
2. The Ides of March $10.4 M
3. Dolphin Tale $9.2 M $49.1 M
4. Moneyball $7.5 M $49.3 M
5. 50/50 $5.5 M $17.3 M
6. Courageous $4.6 M $15.9 M
7. The Lion King $4.6 M $85.9 M
8. Dream House $4.5 M $14.5 M
9. What's Your Number? $3.1 M $10.3 M
10. Abduction $2.9 M $23.4 M




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