Weekend Box Office Report: August 31-September 2, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians can't be stopped!

Once again, the romantic comedy CRAZY RICH ASIANS ruled the top of the box office with an estimated $22.2 million!

On its third weekend in theaters, director Jon Chu's PG-13 adaptation of the global bestseller lost only 10% of business from last weekend, hitting a domestic total of $110.9 million even before tomorrow's Labor Day holiday is factored in.

The late-summer phenomenon (which cost a reported $30 million) has also started reaching international audiences for an extra $19.9 million, taking it to a worldwide total of $130.8 million.

Jason Statham was still fishing in second place with another $10.5 million for THE MEG. The PG-13 ocean thriller from NATIONAL TREASURE director Jon Turteltaub has a domestic total of $120.5 million on its fourth weekend.

The monstrous shark flick, which is rumored to have cost anywhere from $130 million to $175 million, has now consumed a worldwide total of $462 million.

Climbing up a spot to third place was MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT with $7 million, cracking $200 million domestic after six weekends in release and passing the $195 million finish of 2015's MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION.

Thanks to a solid China opening this past weekend, the $178 million entry in the Tom Cruise espionage series has also collected a worldwide total of $647 million, potentially putting it on a path to catch the global totals of ROGUE NATION ($682 million) and GHOST PROTOCOL ($694 million).

Opening in fourth place was the new Oscar Isaac thriller OPERATION FINALE with $6 million.

The fact-based story of the post-WWII hunt for a nefarious Nazi officer (played by Ben Kingsley) has captured $7.7 million since its domestic debut on Wednesday. The PG-13 historical drama from director Chris Weitz (ABOUT A BOY) cost a reported $24 million.

Critics weren't totally on board with the pursuit of justice, giving the cat-and-mouse game a 62% average on Rotten Tomatoes. You can find the JoBlo review HERE.

In fifth place was the new mystery SEARCHING with $5.7 million on its first weekend in wide release.

The PG-13 thriller, with John Cho following his missing daughter's digital footprint, expanded to 1200 screens after a strong limited release for a domestic total of $6.2 mllion. The low-budget online drama also has $6.5 million from foreign territories for a $12.7 million worldwide total.

Most critics were sympathetic to the plight of Cho's distraught dad, giving the movie a 91% average on Rotten Tomatoes. Click over to the JoBlo review HERE.

Disney's CHRISTOPHER ROBIN was in sixth place with $5 million,  carrying the $75 million Ewan McGregor/Winnie the Pooh family fantasy to a domestic total of $85.4 million and a worldwide total of $131.3 million.

The boy-and-his-wolf story ALPHA stayed in seventh place with $4.4 million, bringing the $51 million Ice Age thriller to a domestic total of $27.2 million on its third weekend. The PG-13 adventure from director Albert Hughes (THE BOOK OF ELI) has also fetched $18.3 million from overseas for a $45.6 million global total.

In eighth place was the R-rated Melissa McCarthy comedy THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS with $4.4 million, a drop of 54% from its opening last weekend. The $40 million noir tale of the dark side of puppet life has a ten-day domestic total of $17 million.

Spike Lee's R-rated comedy-drama BLACKKKLANSMAN was in ninth place with $4.1 million. On its fourth weekend in theaters, the $15 million fact-based story has a domestic total of $38.3 million and a worldwide total of $55.8 million.

At the bottom was the R-rated Mark Wahlberg action-thriller MILE 22 with $3.5 million. The attempted franchise-starter from director Peter Berg has a domestic total of $31.7 million (on a cost now being reported at $50 million).

Outside the chart, the robot-dog movie A.X.L. went astray, along with horror-thriller SLENDER MAN. The new sci-fi action-drama KIN was released on 2100 screens but opened outside the Top 10 with $3 million.

Critics shrugged at the PG-13 thriller (promoted as "from the producers of ARRIVAL and 'Stranger Things'"), giving it an average of 34% on Rotten Tomatoes. The JoBlo review can be found HERE.

In addition, the new Domhnall Gleeson drama THE LITTLE STRANGER came out on 474 screens for a mild $417k weekend (the JoBlo review is HERE). Disney re-released the Pixar superhero sequel INCREDIBLES 2, seemingly to obtain the bragging rights of a $600 million domestic total. And Marvel's ANT-MAN AND THE WASP now has a worldwide total of $594 million, putting it over the $585 million global finish of the first IRON MAN.

Next weekend starts the new month with the spooky THE CONJURING spinoff THE NUN, and Jennifer Garner seeks violent revenge in the R-rated action-thriller PEPPERMINT.

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1. Crazy Rich Asians $22.2 M $110.9 M
2. The Meg $10.5 M $120.5 M
3. Mission: Impossible - Fallout $7 M $204.3 M
4. Operation Finale $6 M $7.7 M
5. Searching $5.7 M $6.2 M
6. Christopher Robin $5 M $85.4 M
7. Alpha $4.4 M $27.3 M
8. The Happytime Murders $4.4 M $17 M
9. BlacKkKlansman $4.1 M $38.3 M
10. Mile 22 $3.5 M $31.7 M


Source: Box Office Mojo



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