Weekend Box Office Report: February 14-16, 2014

Everything is still awesome for The Lego Movie!

Despite an array of new romance movies trying to capitalize on Valentine's Day, audiences were still in love with THE LEGO MOVIE, which remained #1 at the box office with another $48.8 million!

That's a drop of less than 30% from its opening last week, and the entertaining animated brick toys are already up to a 10-day total of $129 million (more than twice the movie's reported cost). Sales of actual LEGO sets are presumably also even further through the roof. Hell, I bought some.

Of the new releases trying to capture hearts, ABOUT LAST NIGHT had the most bullseyes by Cupid's arrows, taking second with $27 million. The R-rated remake of the 1986 Rob Lowe/Demi Moore romcom (itself based on a David Mamet play) fared pretty well with critics (76% on Rotten Tomatoes), and amorous crowds gave it an 'A-' CinemaScore.

Comedian Kevin Hart continues to seem like a wise investment -- ABOUT LAST NIGHT already made back twice its reported budget, and RIDE ALONG is still rolling in sixth with another $8.7 million and a $116.1 million total on a cost of $25 million.

As for the other romantic offerings, moviegoers didn't quite fall for ENDLESS LOVE, debuting in fifth with $13.3 million. And Colin Farrell's fantasy WINTER'S TALE got the cold shoulder in seventh with $7.7 million. Critics weren't feeling the love for either ENDLESS LOVE or WINTER'S TALE (14% and 15% on Rotten Tomatoes), while audiences were a bit more forgiving with an 'A-' and 'B' CinemaScore respectively.

Despite lots of CG and a glossy coat of paint, the upgraded ROBOCOP got off to a clunky start, coming in third with $21.5 million (and a $26.4 million total since it stomped into theaters on Wednesday). But the $100+ million PG-13 remake shot its way to the top with international audiences, taking in an additional $70 million. Critics were in the middle of the road (49% on RT) and crowds gave the new version of  Paul Verhoeven's brilliant and bloody 1987 satire an adequate 'B+' CinemaScore.

After opening at #2 last week, George Clooney's THE MONUMENTS MEN stood tall in fourth with $15 million, a drop of only 31% from its first weekend. Disney's FROZEN won't be left out in the cold, still somehow strong on the chart in eighth with another $5.8 million, ahead of LONE SURVIVOR and THAT AWKWARD MOMENT.

Outside the chart, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, LABOR DAY and THE NUT JOB make their way out of sight, along with VAMPIRE ACADEMY after a single sad week in the Top 10. AMERICAN HUSTLE is still performing the best out of the Oscar contenders, while PHILOMENA got pushed onto over 1200 screens in a last-ditch effort for awards attention.

Next weekend, Kevin Costner is a man of action in the McG-directed 3 DAYS TO KILL, while history explodes and gets covered with lava in director Paul WS Anderson's POMPEII.

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1. The Lego Movie $48.8 M $129.1 M
2. About Last Night $27 M
3. Robocop $21.5 M $26.4 M
4. The Monuments Men $15 M $43.6 M
5. Endless Love $13.3 M
6. Ride Along $8.7 M $116.1 M
7. Winter's Tale $7.7 M
8. Frozen $5.8 M $376 M
9. Lone Survivor $4 M $118.4 M
10. That Awkward Moment $3.3 M $21.4 M


Source: Box Office Mojo



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