Weekend Box Office Report: January 31-February 2, 2014

Ride Along is still riding high!

For the third weekend in a row, the Kevin Hart/Ice Cube buddy comedy RIDE ALONG stayed on the top of the box office with an additional $12.3 million!

Whether audiences were too busy gearing up for the Super Bowl or just not especially compelled by the current cineplex options, the PG-13 flick took the most advantage of the slow business weekend as it cruises toward the $100 million mark.

Disney's animated smash FROZEN, which has been in the Top 10 long enough to have nearly exhausted the supply of cold-related puns, climbed up to second place with $9.3 million -- even more than it made last weekend. At this rate, winter will be over before audiences lose interest in Anna and her frigid sister Elsa. (C'mon, enough already, winter.)

In third place was the new romantic comedy THAT AWKWARD MOMENT with a $9 million opening. The R-rated movie starring Zac Efron and "It Guys" Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller carried a modest $8 million production cost, and collected a 'B' CinemaScore from paying crowds (compared to a heartbreaking 22% average from critics).

The CG critter comedy THE NUT JOB was in fourth with another $7.6 million, skittering ahead of LONE SURVIVOR in fifth with $7.1 million as director Peter Berg's Navy SEALs action movie hits the $100 million target.

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT continues to sink into darkness as it drops to sixth with $5.4 million, just ahead of JUNO director Jason Reitman's new drama LABOR DAY, opening in seventh with $5.3 million. The PG-13 Josh Brolin/Kate Winslet drama didn't impress the critics (32% on Rotten Tomatoes), and audiences gave it a 'B-' CinemaScore.

AMERICAN HUSTLE and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET remain the only Oscar Best Picture candidates in the Top 10, with the former becoming filmmaker David O. Russell's highest-grosser (nudging ahead of 2012's SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK) and the latter passing the $100 million mark this past week -- a milestone that would perhaps seem more meaningful if that wasn't also the movie's reported cost. Then again, Scorsese and DiCaprio's latest collaboration has made around $300 million worldwide, so there's something to be said for excess.

The Aaron Eckhart monster mash I, FRANKENSTEIN barely clings to the bottom of the list, while AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY and DEVIL'S DUE dip from the chart. Oscar contenders GRAVITY, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, PHILOMENA, HER, NEBRASKA and 12 YEARS A SLAVE continue to bring in viewers playing catch-up before the awards ceremony, each collecting another million or two.

Next weekend gives a number of new options, including George Clooney's WWII men-on-a-mission movie THE MONUMENTS MEN, the computer-animated toy and videogame tie-in/commercial THE LEGO MOVIE, and the latest young-adult novel adaptation VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

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1. Ride Along $12.3 M $92.9 M
2. Frozen $9.3 M $360 M
3. That Awkward Moment $9 M
4. The Nut Job $7.6 M $50.2 M
5. Lone Survivor $7.1 M $104.8 M
6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $5.4 M $38.9 M
7. Labor Day $5.3 M
8. American Hustle $4.3 M $132.1 M
9. The Wolf of Wall Street $3.5 M $104 M
10. I, Frankenstein $3.5 M $14.4 M


Source: Box Office Mojo



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