Weekly Batman rumors: Clayface Edition

Alright, wow, it's been far too long since we've reported loose talk about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, so I'll introduce this for public debate with a big *rumor* disclaimer attached.

ComicBookMovie received a pair of scoops from a casting agent who claims that Charlize Theron is being sought to play Sarah Essen, and Kacie Thomas and Vera Farmiga have auditioned for the role of Julie Madison.

Who are these two people?

Sarah Essen showed up in a Batman: Year One storyline as a detective and love interest to Jim Gordon. The pair ultimately had an affair and it's hinted at she may be the true mother of Batgirl.

Julie Madison is a socliate that Bruce Wayne dates and eventually is engaged to at one point. Her greater significance is that she was a cast in a remake of a B-movie starring Basil Karlo, a disgruntled actor who murders everyone attached to the film, and ultimately becomes the villain Clayface. Could Tom Hardy be Karlo? Would that shoe fit?

How would Nolan handle Clayface? That, I honestly couldn't tell you. Now that the Riddler is out of the picture, we're grasping at villanous straws here, and I suppose he could be on the table, as is Killer Croc since the film will be shooting in New Orleans.

Again, just rumors, but I've heard far more unbelievable ones. What say you?

Extra Tidbit: One of my most terrifying childhood memories is the Batman: The Animated Series episode where Clayface eats Batman and it looks like he suffocates to death inside of him. Scarring.
Source: ComicBookMovie



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