Weinsteins don't see red

Kevin Smith likes to let us all know what's going on his life via his blog, and every once in a while we get to find out some huge news regarding his films straight from the man himself. This time he tells us that The Weinstein brothers have passed on the script for his 'unorthodox' horror flick RED STATE. What makes this significant is that it's the first time Smith will make a film without the Weinsteins backing it, and he's a little excited about it: "Naturally, this makes me wanna make “Red State” even more than I did just prior to that phone call. I get excited thinking about having to raise financing for our hot potato of a flick. This represents a turning point of sorts..."

This doesn't surprise me at all. After taking a chance on an experiment like GRINDHOUSE, you can see why the Weinstein's want to stick to 'sure things' like Smith's next comedy ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. Smith went on to say: "It might be nice to see if we can get something done without them. Whether it’ll be nice or not, however, it’s what’s in the cards, as they don’t feel the flick is very commercial. And, in truth, on the surface, it may not be - unless we get the buzz I think we’ll get off the festival circuit. Regardless, it’s not something we’ll have to think about ’til after we’re done with “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

Apparently Harvey Weinstein thought the film was 'disturbing' and 'challenging' which goes against Hollywood standards. Now comes the point where I was about to rip on the Weinsteins for shying away from challenging material, but then I went over to their website, and well, with movies like CONTROL, I'M NOT THERE, and GRACE IS GONE coming up, I've got nothing.

Extra Tidbit: Seth Rogen is rumoured for the role of Zack in that movie with that girl named Miri that Kevin Smith will make.
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