Weitz on Eclipse

So as it turns out, Drew Barrymore won't be directing NEW MOON as was previously rumored. You're heartbroken, I can tell. But now it looks like Summit has gone back to the director they wanted in the first place: Paul Weitz. You might be thinking, isn't he directing NEW MOON?, but that's his brother Chris. Now Summit is reportedly in talks with brother Paul to direct ECLIPSE. The idea is that Chris would direct while Paul would produce and then they'd flip-flop for the next movie. That would hopefully keep things moving smoothly on production which is on some insane fast-track to produce a movie every year as the brothers would be concurrently developing the next two films. Before breaking off to work on separate projects, the brothers Weitz co-directed both AMERICAN PIE and ABOUT A BOY. For some reason this move strikes me as something they should've thought of from the get-go but I don't think anyone thought that the TWILIGHT films would become as insanely popular as they seem to have become. No official announcement has been made so stay tuned as it develops...

Extra Tidbit: Chris Weitz is a sometimes actor who has appeared in MR. AND MRS. SMITH and CHUCK AND BUCK.
Source: LA Times



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