Werewolves Within: Exclusive Interviews with the whole cast!


Believe the hype! WEREWOLVES WITHIN is not only the funniest movie of the year, but it also features a ridiculously clever script by Mishna Wolff, and an atmospheric feel that is reminiscent of some of the greatest werewolf movies ever made - you can check out what our own Matt Rooney had to say about this delightful flick right here. Instead of giving us a straight-up werewolf fright fest, this is something truly special. All the performances are wildly perfect, and the fantastical characters are a joy to watch. And don't worry, there's enough horror and gruesomeness on display if you like extra horror in your horror-comedy. This is a terrific new movie, and judging from the cast, I'm not surprised that they all shined as they did.


Recently we sat down with Josh Ruben, Harvey Guillen, Michaela Watkins, and Michael Chernus. For Mr. Ruben, who recently gave fans something to delight in with the recent Scare Me, his latest only continues to show how talented the man is. Josh opened up about tackling some modern - and very divisive - political satire without going after one more than the other. He also discussed his influences and this incredible collection of actors he has assembled. Ruben is a talented filmmaker and a wonderfully charming fellow, and I very much look forward to what he has up his sleeve next.


Werewolves Within's cast is simply incredible. These wild characters are painted with such delight, that it's such a blast to watch them all interact. Two of my favorite's in the film are played by the exceptionally talented Michaela Watkins and Michael Chernus. I had the chance to speak to both, and they talked about working with this impressive ensemble and creating something truly special. The same can be said for Harvey Guillen. The actor discussed the diversity in the cast, and just how well it all came together. Mr. Guillen is perfectly cast opposite Cheyenne Jackson, and he talked very positively about working with his co-star.

Werewolves Within is a wild and woolly jolt of entertainment that is shockingly relevant, yet it finds fun in all of it. I highly recommend this excellent new feature now playing in theatres, with a VOD release on July 2nd. You won't regret taking a bite out of this kick-ass flick!

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