Wes Anderson announces start of new film Isle of Dogs with first footage

Wes Anderson is one the most consistent joy-bringers the film world has ever known. His comedic achievements go back to the 90’s with flicks like RUSHMORE and have continued into the new decade with the tremendous THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. His next film will be another stop-motion animated movie to go along with FANTASTIC MR. FOX called ISLE OF DOGS, which Anderson has just announced has begun shooting with a clip. He also rattles off the names of the cast members including the two notable, new additions, Scarlett Johansson and Greta Gerwig, while forgetting someone important.

Have a watch!

Anderson has said in the past, as plainly as he could, that this is a movie about dogs and that it will be “Japanese-inspired." Anderson is not only using the clip to talk a bit about his film about furry things but also to promote The Film Foundation, an organization founded by Martin Scorsese that dedicates itself to film preservation. Anderson is offering a chance to a win a trip to the set (and even a small voice part) to anyone who donates to the Foundation. This will finally be my chance to meet and seduce Bryan Crans—I mean...Scarlett Johansson. Yes...her....

Expect ISLE OF DOGS to have a 2018 release.

Source: Crowd RiseIGN



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