Wes Anderson's animated film Isle of Dogs releases first poster

I love Wes Anderson. I feel he has a unique vision, and while his characters may come off initially aloof and off-putting, they are always shown to be full of humanity by the end. Sure, he has been pigeon-holed by some as a director that is propelled simply by quirk and whimsy, but I disagree with that notion (though I can't say the same for his imitators). His films are not only dark (like the fascist subplot in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and Owen Wilson's fate in THE LIFE AQUATIC), but also highly emotional (I mean, who didn't cry at the end of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS?)

This is all to say I can't wait for his new stop-motion animated film, ISLE OF DOGS, about a young boy in Japan searching for his dog. And what a cast! Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Liev Schreiber, Scarlett Johansson, Yoko Ono, Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johannson, Jeff Goldblum, and more! Man, at this point, who isn't in this movie?

Anyway, the studio has just released a new poster for the film. Let's take a look!

I really like this poster! It's dynamic, unique, and it makes me excited about what the film entails. I'm all in.

But what do you Schmoes think? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, ISLE OF DOGS will reach theaters April 20th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: So, how would you guys rank Anderson's oeuvre?
Source: Fox Searchlight



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