Wes Anderson's Next!

Wes Anderson is known for his completely original scripts, idiosyncratic little ditties that can charm even the most hardened of souls. It comes as somewhat of a surprise then, to learn that Anderson is tapped to write MY BEST FRIEND, a remake of the 2006 Patrice Leconte-directed French comedy MON MEILLEUR AMI. Apparently Anderson is also interested in directing the film, which centers around a cranky antiques dealer who learns at a dinner with his closest friends that none of them actually like him because of he's a selfish prick (sounds like my average Saturday night). When his business partner bets him a valuable vase that he can't produce a best friend, the dealer tries to get an likeable cab driver to pose as his bffaeae. Sounds like the perfect project for Anderson. Nevermind the usual high concept story and the eccentric ensemble cast, he also gets to play with antiques!
Extra Tidbit: Anderson's next directorial effort is an animated film believe it or not, an adaptation (gasp!) of Road Dahl's THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Just awesome
Source: Variety



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