Wes Craven in no rush to make Scream 5

After SCREAM 4 mostly disappointed at the box-office (it was handily beaten by competing horror flick INSIDIOUS), word was the planned fifth installment in the series was dead in the water. But later Harvey Weinstein came out and said those reports weren't true and that they were very much interested in making another SCREAM movie. Trouble is, Wes Craven isn't.

Craven, who has right of first refusal on any SCREAM movies, told Entertainment Weekly that after the back-to-back shoots of MY SOUL TO TAKE and SCREAM 4, he just wants to chill the eff out. "I'm taking the summer off," he said adding, I directed and produced, and my wife produced, both SCREAM 4 and the previous film, MY SOUL TO TAKE, and they were both very difficult films. So we just decided, ‘You know what? We’re going to spend the summer someplace nice and not think about film for a while.'"

I'm frankly pretty jealous of that plan and considering the troubles he went through on both films, the guy definitely deserves it. But his need for a vacation aside, Craven refused to rule out a return to the franchise eventually, saying it was "possible" but wanted writer Kevin Williamson to return. That could be a longshot considering Williamson got into a "massive fight" (his words) with Dimension head Bob Weinstein and Ehren Kruger was brought in to finish the script.

If I were a betting man, I'd bet that the SCREAM franchise would probably stay dead for a little while, until possibly getting revived in a low-budget, potentially direct-to-DVD format with Craven staying aboard as some kind of exec producer.

Source: EW.com



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