Wes Craven teams up with 30 Days of Night creator for comic and movie project Coming of Rage

Wes Craven police line photo

Wes Craven, horror legend though he might be, has had a bit of difficulty garnering a positive response to his recent work behind the camera (MY SOUL TO TAKE, SCREAM 4). Horror isn't quite what it used to be and neither, some would unfortunately argue, is Mr. Craven. But perhaps he just hasn't found the right collaborator to draw the juice out of him, and so it brings a smile to my face to see that Craven has decided to team up with Steve Niles for a collection of new projects.

Niles created the comics "Wake the Dead" and "30 Days of Night," the latter which has already been turned into a successful movie, so he's definitely no stranger to any of this.  The upcoming comic aspect of the collaboration was created by Craven and written by Niles, is titled COMING OF RAGE, and will see release through Craven's partnership with Liquid Comics next year both as a comic series of five issues and as a graphic novel.

Producer Arnold Rifkin (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, BLACK WATER TRANSIT) and the folks over at Liquid are concurrently developing a film adaptation of COMING OF RAGE, and while production and story details are sparse at this time I'd expect to hear plenty more about the movie version of Wes Craven's New (New New New) Nightmare as it hits next year.

Have you lost faith in Craven, or are you still hoping for a return for form?

Hayden Penattiere all in white

SCREAM 4's Hayden Penettiere has definitely grown up since REMEMBER THE TITANS...

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Wes Craven movie is actually RED EYE.



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