Wesley Snipes partners up with WWE Studios to make more action movies

wesley snipes

Wesley Snipes and WWE Studios are ready to do more business together. 

Having recently signed on to star in TEMPLE, the first picture under WWE Studios' partnership with Gene Simmons for their Erebus Pictures shingle, Snipes is back for the opportunity to develop his own content. Snipes and his Maandi Media DMM production banner have entered into a multi-picture agreement with WWE Studios to develop and produce elevated branded content. The first film as a part of their deal will be TEMPLE with the second movie expected to come later this year.

Now what type of films should result from this new tag team? A statement from Snipes would lead one to believe heavy on the action. 

The action genre has been a very big and important part of my career. There is no better way to extend my love for dynamic action based entertainment than with a company like WWE, who have been entertaining fans for decades with incredible visuals and deliciously entertaining storylines. Maandi strives to create elevated multi-media content that appeals to all demographics worldwide - from childhood fan to feature film collaborators.  Wow, sooo cool!  We are all incredibly excited to share visions.

Snipes may no longer be the force in the action genre he once was, but let's not forget this is the same guy who was at the center of the BLADE Trilogy (a role fans were clamoring for him to take up again when it was revealed he may have met with Marvel Studios) and also has flicks like PASSENGER 57 and DEMOLITION MAN to his credit. It's hard to predict what Snipes may be looking to make, but it is entirely possible that you might get something out of this partnership that turns out to be fun and exciting and warrants a look.


Source: WWE Studios



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