Westworld viral website reveals the existence of six parks

During the finale of the first season of HBO's Westworld, we learned that there were more parks than just Westworld when Maeve (Thandie Newton) came across Samurai hosts while attempting to escape, thereby confirming the existence of some form of Samurai World. After fans decoded a binary code found in the recent Westworld Super Bowl ad, they were led to the Delos Destinations website, which reveals that there are in fact six different parks.

With the exception of Westworld and Samurai World, we're left to wonder exactly what the other four parks are, as the screens confirming their existence are offline and display "Reservations closed to the public." The WESTWORLD film featured other worlds as well in Medieval World and Roman World, so I'd imagine that we may be seeing those in the HBO series at some point as well. Any guesses as to the identities of the other parks? Space World? Prehistoric World? There are quite a lot of possibilities.

When Entertainment Weekly as Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan whether we'd see Samurai World in the second season, he said, "I would say the conception of the show from the beginning is we would slowly but surely learn more about the world and worlds our hosts inhabit. There’s a lot more story to tell in Westworld but that doesn’t mean we will only be in Westworld." The viral site also reveals that Peter Mullan (Top of the Lake) has been cast to play James Delos, the founder of Delos corporation.

The second season of HBO's Westworld will premiere on April 22, 2018.

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