Wet Hot American Summer creators work on sci-fi comedy Moon Cruise for TBS

Michael Ian Black (VH1's I LOVE THE... series) will create and star in a new television series for TBS called MOON CRUISE, which is being described as "LOVE BOAT, but in space". Honestly, that sounds pretty amazing. 

What's even more amazing is that Black is teaming up with David Wain (director of ROLE MODELS) and Michael Showalter (co-creator of SEARCH PARTY), who will each executive produce the show. But those names together should sound familiar, because not only are they the comedy trio STELLA (who had their own short-lived Comedy Central series), but they are also the creators of the hilarious cult film WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER.

As anyone who's seen WHAS can attest to, the film has a very specific wave-length, as it skewers a pretty specific niche genre (the 80s summer camp movie) with detail and specificity that sometimes is the joke unto itself, alongside the more zany Zucker-Abrams spoof gags. It was hilarious, but also very, very weird. And if the new MOON CRUISE series can harnass just a morsel of that film's magic, it could be a must-see. Hell, their Netflix sequel series to WHAS (which was a prequel, even though all the actors are clearly fifteen years older) seemed to have been well-received, so age hasn't dulled their sensibilities. Either way, I'm looking forward to this!

But what about you Schmoes? Any other fans of WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER? And if so, what do you think of MOON CRUISE?

Extra Tidbit: Kevin Moreno's character design in WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER was based on a specific character in the 80s horror movie SLEEPAWAY CAMP.
Source: THR



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