WGA strike ending?

WGA Strike At this point, a lot of us were resigned to the fact that the raging writer's strike wouldn't be finishing anytime soon. As long as studios refuse to budge on the new media residual issue, which they have been since this whole thing started, writers will be out there on the picket lines fighting for a little piece of that internet pie. However, according to a recent article in the LA Times, after absolutely furious negotiations in the last couple of weeks, an accord that actually satisfies both parties is imminent and we could be seeing white smoke rise up out of the studios as early as this week. Who knows what was said or had to be done at the ongoing conclave to reach an agreement but it seems we could be very close to putting this whole thing behind us. Read the details of the agreement over HERE (Note: may require registration).

Extra Tidbit: No more "Seduce My Teenage Niece" or whatever ridiculous reality shows have been airing to replace scripted shows! Yay!
Source: LA Times



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