What can we expect from Guy Pearce in Iron Man 3?

Whether I get two seconds or two hours of Guy Pearce makes no matter to me. The guy is a great actor no matter what character you give him, or length of time he's allotted to do it. He had me in MOMENTO, and I've enjoyed the ride his career has taken since then.

Many of you will be hitting the theaters this weekend to check out Pearce in LAWLESS, and I'm sure he has delivered a great performance to another unique character. One type of role that he's been more hesitant about taking is that of a superhero. While he is attached to play Aldrich Killian in IRON MAN 3, it's still a far cry from a starring role. This is what he told Vulture:

Vulture: You've got Iron Man 3 coming out next year. You turned down Daredevil back in the day, and you've said that comic-book stuff isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, so what was different about this film that made you want to say yes?

Guy Pearce: The thing about Daredevil was that it was the role of Daredevil [that I didn't want to do]. Certainly in those days ... it was ten years ago. I've probably loosened up, and I feel a little more experimental in what I'll take on these days, but I still don't know that I would want to play the superhero myself, since I'm playing a different kind of character in this film. And I think that, based on the first two movies, there's a great chemistry between Robert [Downey Jr.] and Gwyneth [Paltrow], and I just think the films have a fun, joyful sort of quality about them. I've just enjoyed them. So I just felt like I wanted to be a part of this.

Vulture: You've been in some great big tentpoles lately. How is the experience of filming them different than when you starred in 2002's The Time Machine?

Guy Pearce: The main difference was that, when I did The Time Machine, I was pretty much in all of it, so it was a really grueling experience. Prometheus and Iron Man are really kind of cameo stuff, so the experience of shooting them ... I mean, on some level, it's tricky because you feel like a bit of an outsider. You don’t really live the experience that you do when you're there all day every day with everybody. But at the same time, it can be more fun sometimes because you're just working in concentrated spurts.

I don't blame him for being a little more reserved with roles like that. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Despite his reluctance, I look forward to seeing him in the film.

Source: Vulture



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