What did you think of...Aquaman?

It's been roughly five years since Jason Momoa was cast as AQUAMAN by director Zack Snyder and now it's his turn to shine in the first-ever solo effort for the character on the big screen. Directed by James Wan of SAW, THE CONJURING and FURIOUS 7 fame, the latest entry in WB's DCEU line-up is a more character-focused films that puts the spotlight on Momoa's Arther Curry/AQUAMAN, rather than attempting to weave in other characters and storylines from their broader universe. Joining Momoa's underwater supporting players, including Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Orm, Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry and finally, Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlaana all add some serious weight to the film, while Wan infuses it with his hyperkinetic style, camerawork and lingering shots. It's part superhero, part adventure, part romance and part insane visuals rolled into a wild ride of a comic book film.

With the tumultuous run of the DCEU so far (critically, at least, as financially it's done quite well) and the abyssmal performance of the too-many-cooks version of JUSTICE LEAGUE released in theaters, there's a lot riding on the success of AQUAMAN. Fortunately, at least for me, it more than lived up to the hype and was a deeply satisfying tale that somehow managed to make AQUAMAN cool. As I said in my 9/10 review of the film, "While many filmmakers have attempted to subvert the genre they're adapting, Wan embraces it and in doing so makes a superhero film that looks and feels like the medium it's adapting, while also being a true cinematic experience" this is a film that I can't wait to see again and again as, much like WONDER WOMAN, it carves its own path, while honoring its roots. Some critics have felt differently and the film currently sits at 68% on RT, but ultimately that does nothing to change my experience with it, which is a damn fun time at the movies.


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And with that, now it's your turn! We want to hear what YOU thought of the film! Naturally, we'd prefer you to comment only if you've seen the film as that's the point here, but do what feels good. Just don't get mad if you get trounced for trolling or posting blatant spoilers in headlines. Healthy debate, genuine thoughts, and respectful interactions is all we ask.

Is this sole endeavor the right direction for the character and the DCEU or should it be sunk to the bottom of the sea?

Rotten Tomatoes: 194 reviews, certified fresh: 68%

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