What did you think of...Gravity?

GRAVITY has been generating heat since it's initial screenings at TIFF (see Chris Bumbray's here) and has continued to build momentum as the brunt of critical screenings this past week have put the film in the top tier of space films. Eric Walkuski's review was right on par with Bumbray's with both of them settling on a solid 9/10. Even director James Cameron, who is typically the guy who comes along and "reinvents the cinematic wheel" every time he releases a new film has called Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY the "best space film ever done," which is no small measure of accolades. We've covered GRAVITY extensively with TV spots, trailers, and featurettes, serving to build the much deserved hype (I saw the film on Friday and was exhausted and exhilarated).

Now that the weekend has come to a close we want to know what YOU thought of the film,
POST YOUR OWN REVIEW in our strike back section below (or to your Movie Fan Central profile) and we'll continue to update the Rotten Tomatoes and MFC reviews over the next few days as well.

Rotten Tomatoes: 218 reviews, avg score: 98%
Movie Fan Central: 10 reviews, avg score:

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