What did you think of...Man of Steel?

Many of us have been waiting for a "great" Superman movie minutes after walking out of Bryan Singer's disapppointing SUPERMAN RETURNS back in 2006, but so far the reviews have been mixed on Zack Snyder's interpretation of the MAN OF STEEL, which is even more reason why we want to hear what you guys (the actual fans!) think about the movie. All 3 of our reviewers really liked the movie with JimmyO adoring it, Chris Bumbray giving it a 9/10 and Eric Walkuski giving it a 7/10. The awesome Jason Adams has also written up some of the past "crappy" Superman films for his "Awfully Good" column, which you can check out here: SUPERMAN III and SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE. We've also got MAN OF STEEL wallpapers, clips and trailers, and three exclusive 1:1 interviews with the main villain Michael Shannon, the writer David Goyer and the director Zack Snyder. Oh and don't forget to check out our Top 10 Favorite Superman Moments over the years as well!

But as per most summer blockbuster films, we want to know what you thought of the film so please feel free to POST YOUR OWN REVIEW in our strike back section below (or to your Movie Fan Central profile) and we'll continue to update the Rotten Tomatoes and MFC reviews over the next few days as well.

Rotten Tomatoes: 217 reviews, avg score: 56%
Movie Fan Central : 23 reviews, avg score: 7.9/10

Source: JoBlo.com



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