What did you think of...Transformers: Age of Extinction?

Michael Bay's latest "robots in disguise" epic, TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, is hitting theaters today and audiences are gearing up for yet another trip to the successful franchise, complete with all the usual tropes we've all come to expect; big explosions, hot chicks, thin plotting, and lots of outlandish action. Love 'em or hate 'em, the previous entries made a mint at the box office, making a fourth entry a foregone conclusion. This time around, Bay has ditched the original protagonist, Shia LaBeouf's "Sam Witwicky," for his PAIN AND GAIN star Mark Wahlberg, who faces off with the autobots and decepticons along with co-stars Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, and Stanley Tucci. Oh, and some dinobots as well. So far, reviews have not been kind, with our own Eric Walkuski giving it a 3/10 and Chris Bumbray giving it a 5/10. The film sitting at a 17 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch. You can check out all the trailers, tv spots, featurettes, and more, by clicking the below image!

Now that you've "rolled out" to the theater and soaked in the Bayrificness for yourself, we want to hear what YOU thought of it! You can POST YOUR OWN REVIEW of the film in the below strikebacks or on your own Movie Fan Central profile. Did Bay take it too far (and too long) or was this exactly what you've come to expect from the toys-to-screen series? Let us know below! We'll continue to update the RT and MFC scores throughout the weekend to keep tabs on Optimus Prime and his latest box-office extravaganza.

Rotten Tomatoes: 121 reviews, avg score: 17%
Movie Fan Central: 5 reviews, avg score: 4.8/10  

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