What Did You Think? Post your Toy Story 3 review!

As I write this, Rotten Tomatoes is listing a 100% rating for TOY STORY 3 with a whopping 108 reviews already counted. Our own critic, Chris Bumbray, called the film "an essentially perfect film..." and our resident Pixar guru, Jim Law, also loved the shit out of it. Is this as close to a sure thing as it gets?

The last few "What Did You Think?" articles we've posted asking for your reviews has mostly been a mixed bag of liked it/didn't like it so I'm curious to see if TOY STORY 3 is just one giant lovefest in the Strike Backs. We'll leave them open all weekend and you can post your reviews below (or you can post your review on your Movie Fan Central profile page). With the sensitive nature of the film, please keep the reviews as spoiler-free as possible and no insulting any other readers who don't agree with you.

Extra Tidbit: The original TOY STORY still maintains a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the new one also has a 100% rating so far.
Source: JoBlo.com



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