What Did You Think? We want your X-Men: First Class review!

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS wasn't winning any awards with its early promotional campaign. The first posters were laughable and the original trailer was OK but in a competitive summer, would OK cut it? Then the film started screening for critics and showing that a so-so promotional campaign doesn't always mean the movie isn't any good. In fact, many are saying X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is great (Chris Bumbray gave it a 9/10 in his review).

Well now we want to know what YOU think! As we often do, we're going to leave this article up all weekend with the Strike Backs open and encourage you to post YOUR review of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. If you're so inclined, you can even post a review to your Movie Fan Central profile.

I say this often and it's just as important with this movie: PLEASE NO SPOILERS. And, as always, no attacking, flaming or insulting other users.

To help get you excited, I leave you with one of my favorite scenes from any X-MEN movie - the raid on the X-Mansion from X2: X-MEN UNITED:

Source: JoBlo.com



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