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It's about time to get some news on the long awaited, still dead, Richard Linklater project, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

Basically, no one would pick the film up. Linklater got the budget down to $14 million and even had financing but still couldn't find a home for it. There were no actors attached to the project which was part of the problem. The DAZED AND CONFUSED director explains what the film was about, “I carefully called it a spiritual sequel to Dazed cause it’s not the same characters. If Dazed was my High School, this is my college. It’s about a weekend in college in that time period. It’s funny…I think it’s the funniest thing I ever wrote.” I'm truly sad that this couldn't get made, but he says that this just isn't a good time to get films made right now.

If he can't get a film made then there's something seriously wrong. He mentions that there's a few projects in mind, and it will be a few years before he gets around to them. A film that's a black comedy, true crimes story will most likely be the next thing that gets worked on. Oh, and remember those SCHOOL OF ROCK 2 rumors? Apparently Linklater only had one set down with Jack Black and next thing you know the internet is a buzz with it.

Collider.com got the exclusive during an interview about ME AND ORSON WELLES, which looks awesome. I've included the extended part of the interview because it's worth the watch.

Extra Tidbit: I seriously love Linklater, and would kill to be in one of his movies. BEFORE SUNRISE is possibly one of the most heartbreakingly amazing films I've ever seen. The guy knows how to write dialogue that you can just get wrapped up in. Le sigh.
Source: Collider



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