What To Watch On TV This Week: TMNT, Maniac, The Good Cop and more

Welcome to What To Watch, your weekly guide to recommendations for television viewing. There is so much broadcast on the small screen these days, it can sometimes be daunting to figure out how to spend your hard-earned time. Well, worry no more! We at JoBlo.com are TV fanatics and have prepped a handy guide for you to follow over the next seven days. Each week, we will bring you picks catered to your viewing mood. If you have recommendations you think we missed, let us know in the comments below or email your selections to [email protected].


Wanna watch something....with Heroes on the Half Shell?

RISE OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Premieres Monday, September 17th on Nick)There was a definite outcry against the newest iteration of the Ninja Turtles, maybe even more than Michael Bay's live action reboot. But, every series based on the TMNT crew has been fun and I always enjoy martial arts and pizza This newest series looks to be aiming towards a tween audience and is not as gritty as the big screen take on the characters. So why not give it a shot and see if this foursome is as fun as the two previous animated series.


Wanna watch something....Funny and Dramatic?

SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS (Premieres Tuesday, September 18th on Facebook Watch)There is something very strange to me about a dramatic series that airs exclusively on Facebook. Maybe you were like me and dind't even realize there is a ton of original programming coming from the social media giant. Nabbing Elizabeth Olsen to star in this series may make this one of the more high profile shows to come from Facebook Watch. A dramedy about a widow dealing with life after losing her husband doesn't sound like it would be funny, but check out the trailer and judge for yourself. Co-starring THE LAST JEDI's Kelly Marie Tran, this could be a sleeper hit.


Wanna watch something....Trippy As Hell?

MANIAC (Premieres Friday, September 21st on Netflix) - True Detective's first season was a brilliant piece of filmmaking from director Cary Fukunaga and we have been waiting with bated breath to see what the director of BEASTS OF NO NATION would come up with next. This new series looks very trippy and wholly unique compared to everything else on television and could be a highlight in the careers of both Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. I am still not entirely sure what this show is going to be about or what genre it falls into, but I cannot wait to find out.


Wanna watch something....All About The Music?

QUINCY (Premieres Friday, September 21st on Netflix)Anyone born in the last sixty years likely knows the name Quincy Jones but you may not know just how profound his impact has been on the music business. This documentary looks to delve into what makes Jones such a legendary producer and may go into some of the more risque parts of his life. Co-directed by his daughter, Rashida, this look at the life and legacy of Quincy Jones is bound to be a very entertaining production.


Wanna watch something....About Conspiracy Theories?

THE HUNT FOR THE TRUMP TAPES WITH TOM ARNOLD (Premieres Tuesday, September 18th on Viceland) - Whether you are a supporter or hater of Donald Trump, you cannot deny that there is some crazy stuff going on in the White House these days. With leaks and mysteries in abudance, Tom Arnold claims to have an insider's knowledge as to just how bad things are in Washington, D.C.. It is too soon to tell if this is going to be a stunt event that pays off or not, but who doesn't like to watch a good dumpster fire?


Wanna watch something....with Buddy Cops?

THE GOOD COP (Premieres Friday, September 21st on Netflix) - There are so many shows on Netflix these days, it is easy to miss all of them. This buddy cop procedural takes a unique spin by casting Tony Danza as a dirty cop who partners with his clean as a whistle son who happens to be a top notch detective, played by Josh Groban. This comedy boasts one of the most unlikely cast pair of actors I could have thought but could be a fun way to waste some time. I am not expecting much out of this series which means it could be surprisingly fun.


Wanna watch something....About Poop?

AMERICAN VANDAL (Now streaming on Netflix) - The first season of American Vandal spoofed the very popular true crime series popping up on every network you can think of. Whereas the first season focused on someone who drew dicks on everything, season two follows a mysterious criminal who gave an entire school diarrhea. Yeah, that right there is enough to get my attention. If it is even half as hilarious as the first season, we are in for a treat. Also, for those keeping score, that marks four new series on Netflix that you can check out this weekend.


Wanna watch something....from Down Under?

DEAD LUCKY (Premieres Thursday, September 20th on Sundance Now) - For every cop show we have in the United States, there are countless others airing around the globe. While shows from the UK tend to get the most play here in the US, this series from Australia may be worth your time. Starring the great Rachel Griffiths as the lead detective mentoring a young partner, this series has enough acting chops to overcome the fairly cliche premise. You never know, sometimes these procedurals are actually fun to watch.


Got any recommendations for must watch series airing on TV? Maybe something binge-worthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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