What To Watch On TV This Week: Heathers, Sabrina, Legends and more

Welcome to What To Watch, your weekly guide to recommendations for television viewing. There is so much broadcast on the small screen these days, it can sometimes be daunting to figure out how to spend your hard-earned time. Well, worry no more! We at JoBlo.com are TV fanatics and have prepped a handy guide for you to follow over the next seven days. Each week, we will bring you picks catered to your viewing mood. If you have recommendations you think we missed, let us know in the comments below or email your selections to [email protected].


Wanna watch something....for fans of 80s cult films?

HEATHERS (Premieres October 25th on Paramount) - The small screen version of HEATHERS already had buzz building before it was decided to shelve the series after a spate of school shootings. I am not sure why now is a better time to debut the show, but my morbid curiosity has me wondering if the show is strong enough to get past the political concerns surrounding the subject matter. That comes on top of being a remake of a beloved cult classic film.


Wanna watch something....to creep you out?

CHANNEL ZERO: THE DREAM DOOR (Premieres October 26th on SYFY) - Each season of Channel Zero has succesfully been a dark and creepy take on internet urban legends. What makes this new season unique is SYFY's decision to air every episode on consecutive nights leading up to Halloween. We have been getting some solid small screen horror over the last couple of months and this could up the ante.


Wanna watch something....for fans of HARRY POTTER and THE EXORCIST?

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA (Premieres October 26th on Netflix)I think fans will enjoy this take on Sabrina. Taking a cue from The CW's Riverdale, this show is much darker than the 1990s sitcom. The story material gets a little kitschy here and there and it suffers from some underdeveloped supporting characters, but Kiernan Shipka is a talented enough lead actress for you to invest your attention. That and the homages to classic horror films make this a nice addition to your Halloween viewing slate.


Wanna watch something....for fans of old school video games?

CASTLEVANIA (Premieres October 26th on Netflix) - The first season of Netflix's anime-inspired series was one of the most streamed series of 2017. With a second season consisting of twice as many episodes, the show is poised to break free from the cliches that held back the debut run from truly realizing the great story of the Nintendo video games which made the title such an iconic one. While I wish we would get a live action take on the tale, I will settle for Richard Armitage's perfect voicing of Trevor Belmont.


Wanna watch something....hugely popular from British television?

BODYGUARD (Premieres October 24th on Netflix) - One of the highest rated BBC series in the last decade, Bodyguard stars Game of Thrones' Richard Madden as a soldier suffering from PTSD. Working as a bodyguard for a politician whose views he despises, his mental state begins to collapse which in turn impacts his family and friends. A very relevant story with top notch actors including Keeley Hawes and Gina McKee, this is a series that looks and feels very British but can be understood regardless of your country or political affiliation.


Wanna watch something....for fans of Gothic stories?

THE WOMAN IN WHITE (Premieres October 21st on PBS) - When Halloween rolls around, many of us immediately go for the slashers and zombie films. Well, in the great tradition of classic Gothic and mystery novels, this new adaptation of Wilkie Collin's novel stars  Jessie Buckley (Taboo), Ben Hardy (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY), Dougray Scott (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II) and Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) and is full of enough creepy corners and ghastly chills to keep even the most jaded viewer entertained.


Wanna watch something....featuring a hilarious ensemble cast?

THE GUEST BOOK (Premieres October 23rd on TBS) - Don't dismiss the series on TBS as the network is proving more and more that they are capable of delivering quality series that are actually funny. One sleeper series is this anthology that follows the guests checking into a hotel. The location is different for this second season and the rotating cast is all new. I highly recommend you go back and watch season one if you are looking for some laughs but the beauty of this show is you can jump in at anytime as the episodes all stand on their own.


Got any recommendations for must watch series airing on TV? Maybe something binge-worthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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