What will you be watching this weekend? Cloud Atlas, The Walking Dead, Magic Mike, Mockingbird Lane and Blade Runner

Watchoo Watchin'?!

Finally! The work week is over and you’ll have some free time to relax, crack a cold one, pop that corn and nuke some ‘chos all in the noble pursuit of cinematic entertainment! Every Friday we'd like to hear what everyone will be watching over the weekend, whether it be on TV, DVD and Blu-ray or in theaters.

So what's on your movie agenda this weekend? Here's what I'm thinking about watching...


Cloud AtlasFirst off, definitely digging the Drew Struzanesque look of that poster for CLOUD ATLAS. With all of the awkward photoshop'n'crop these days it's pretty nice to see something classic but the real question is how excited am I for the movie?

Short answer: Loads. Loads excited.

From everything I've heard about the directorial team-up of Andy and Lana Wachowski along with Tom Tykwer CLOUD ATLAS looks to be something fresh and quite possibly awe inspiring. Just the fact that they decided to embrace the fluid time/life jumping narrative structure that is present in the novel by David Mitchell is a compelling enough reason for me to check it out but throw in the visual mastery of the minds behind THE MATRIX and RUN LOLA RUN launches it straight to see as soon as possible. If you still are finding yourself on the fence I encourage you to check out our CLOUD ATLAS review.

Winter is here and that means it's about to get cold as balls in my neck in the woods. So I'm thinking maybe I'll try to fool my body into thinking it's in a warmer climate by catching the new surfer flick CHASING MAVERICKS starring Gerard Butler and relative newcomer Jonny Weston. I've never surfed in my life but even I know the true underdog story of Jay Moriarty, this is a man who sought out the biggest and insanely dangerous waves possible proceeded to hop on a slab of wood to go commune with mother nature in true badass style and was loved and respected by his fellow surfers. CHASING MAVERICKS seems to be a celebration of his early career but going in I may not be expecting a masterpiece (check out our review here) but the last surfer flick I can remember seeing is Disney Channel's "Johnny Tsunami" so I'm due to catch a wave.

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Mockingbird LaneDo you remember all the noise around the Bryan Fuller (PUSHING DAISIES, DEAD LIKE ME) helmed re-imagining of the classic tv show THE MUNSTERS that was retitled MOCKINGBIRD LANE? Yeah, the one that from out of no where brilliantly cast the always awesome Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster. Well a full pilot episode was shot but NBC decided not to pick it up for a series but they have decided to air the hour long pilot episode as a Halloween special on Friday, October 26th (that's today at 8pm Eastern to be exact) anyway. From the little I have seen of this bizarre reboot on the classic show I was actually becoming intrigued. Maybe if the ratings are high enough on the MOCKINGBIRD LANE special there's still a shot that it still could become a full fledged show.

THE WALKING DEAD doesn't need to use Halloween as an excuse to add copious amounts of zombie carnage to our weekend, the third season has been delivering the goods for the past couple weeks just out of awesomeness. But it seems more and more like the undead are the least of our haggard band of survivors problems and it's the living that you have to watch out for in the zombie apocalypse. Rick might not think it's a democracy anymore but there's a Governor that may have a few things to say about that.

If you've been keeping up on your DEXTER last week's episode has kind of changed the rules of the game but it looks like that is going to be a good thing, for us at least but not necessarily for the characters involved. We are going to be five episodes in to the the second to last season of the serial killercentric show and I can't help but feel that time is running out for a central character ... although I have absolutely no idea who it's going to be.



Magic Mike BDYes, I'm interested in seeing MAGIC MIKE. My reasons for finally getting around to checking this flick out are as follows; Mathew McConaughey has been on a seriously awesome roll lately and I've decided not to miss any of his new movies, Channing Tatum proved he had comedic chops in 21 JUMP STREET and he started his career in the exotic male dancing field and I think it's kind of awesome he's never hidden that fact. But the main reason I want to see MAGIC MIKE is that Steven Soderbergh decided to direct a movie about male strippers. Who could have called that?

I'm a pretty staunch fan of Ridley Scott's seminal sci-fi classic BLADE RUNNER but I resisted from getting that massive suitcase collector's set a few years back and decided to play the waiting game for something a little more shelf-friendly. This week a BLADE RUNNER 30th Anniversary Blu-ray "Digibook" hit shelves and it features the vastly superior Director's Cut of the film and frankly a suitcase full of other versions when I know which cut I prefer always seemed a little too much... like tears in the rain.

Also out this week on Blu-ray and DVD is the farcical ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. I really dug the book and the fact that it was simply Honest Abe's biography with a judicious helping of nosferatu but I new a film version would just be ridiculously stupid. But it's my kind of ridiculously stupid so I may pick it up to add some alternative history horror to future Halloween or President's Day movie marathons.

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Extra Tidbit: I'm still holding out for a TEDDY ROOSEVELT: SASQUATCH SLAYER flick. What other presidential badassery can you Schmoes conjure up?
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