What will you be watching this weekend? (September 28)

Watchoo Watchin'?!

Finally! The work week is over and you’ll have some free time to relax, crack a cold one, pop that corn and nuke some ‘chos all in the noble pursuit of cinematic entertainment! Every Friday we'd like to hear what everyone will be watching over the weekend, whether it be on TV, DVD and Blu-ray or in theaters.

So what's on your movie agenda this weekend? Here's what I'm thinking about watching...


Looper PosterMan, as I sit here writing this I can't help but wish time travel were already a reality (it's coming sooner or later!) simply so I can check out Rian Johnson's LOOPER. The first time I caught Joseph Gordon-Levitt sporting a prosthetic Bruce Willis nose this movie jumped to the top of my most anticipated Fall flicks. Having to hunt down your future self? How is that awesome premise not going to kick ass?! This isn't Willis' first time travel rodeo though (12 MONKEYS anyone?) so if I were a betting man I'd back the experience of the old man on this one.

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Animation producer/director Genndy Tartakovsky has had a fan in me since his Cartoon Network days with such classics like DEXTER'S LABORATORY, SAMURAI JACK and the totally badass STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS mini-series so I think it's safe to say I'm completely onboard for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, his first foray in animated features. On top of that I love the idea of all of the classic Universal monsters having a vacation resort run by none other than Count Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) so this just looks to be fun all around even if I'm not exactly in the target audience.


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Dexter S7You'd think that most people wouldn't root for the serial killer but in the case of DEXTER it's almost impossible not too. I've stuck with the show despite a couple of disappointing seasons and I have found that each one is only as good as Dexter's nemesis and I have deliberately kept myself in the dark on who the seventh season will throw at us. The sixth season of the Showtime series ended with a pretty big "Oh sh*t!" moment that chucked the status quo into the Miami Bay like one of Dexter's deservingly dismembered victims ... I'm anticipating something amazing to unfold.

HBO's BOARDWALK EMPIRE continues to have a home on my DVR, seriously, what's not to love about prohibition era gangsters? THE UNTOUCHABLES has always been a personal favorite of mine and BOARDWALK EMPIRE is a more nuanced, violent and badass television version that Steve Buscemi complete owns as Nucky Thompson.

It looks like this weekend DOCTOR WHO and Co. will be taking on Manhattan, kind of literally because New York City's statues appear to be coming alive GHOSTBUSTERS 2 style. I'm tuning in to see if The Statue of Liberty lays a righteous smackdown on someone or thing. The Doc has hit stateside people, this is a momentous occasion indeed ... fezes and bowties all around!



The Avengers BD"There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could..."

Guess what Mr. Nick Fury? That idea totally worked you silly cycloptic badass!

The biggest (affordable) release for me this weekend is without question Marvel's THE AVENGERS on Blu-ray. Loaded with some slick special features including a self deprecating director's commentary and a hall-of-fame blooper reel right up there with THE CANNONBALL RUN it's good to have the team finally assembled in my home. Phase One is officially complete ... bring on Phase Two Marvel!

Remember when I put "affordable" in parenthesis in the previous paragraph? It's because this week also has a release I have waited years for in the comprehensive BOND 50 Blu-ray set. Like many of you I am also a Bond fanatic, I own every Bond flick ever made on DVD (yup, even the non-canon ones) but I have deliberately put off getting any of the Blu-rays except a couple (I'm only human) in anticipation for this set. The price is high so the BOND 50 wait for me continues ... but it will be mine some day, oh yes, it will be mine.

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Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite movie blooper reel? For me it's anything with Jackie Chan. They just show how insanely committed he is to doing his own stunts despite the often painful consequences.
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