What would a Halloween remake have looked like if a Marvel artist had directed it?

John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN is one of my favorite movies. I still own the Anchor Bay 20th Anniversary orange VHS tape. Everything about it is great. The Rob Zombie remake from 2007, while not as great, is still heads above the majority of the sequels to Carpenter's original. For a while, Platinum Dunes was working on another HALLOWEEN movie which has since disappeared.

But, there is some proof that there was some work being put in to rebooting the Michael Myers franchise for a second time. Bloody Disgusting shared a pitch reel for a new vision of HALLOWEEN from Federico D’Alessandro. D'Alessandro is the head storyboard artist for Marvel and shared an animatic and some art he pitched to the studio, who has since passed on the project.

Per D'Alessandro: "As a lifelong HALLOWEEN fan it would be a dream to direct a reboot of the franchise that's so near and dear to my heart. I created this animatic to show the tone and storytelling that I would bring to the project if I were lucky enough to have that chance. It turned out pretty cool, but unfortunately while I was in the middle of working on it, talks fell through between Platinum Dunes and the Weinsteins, so I missed the boat on that one."

The animatic is at once familiar and original. You can definitely tell that you are watching HALLOWEEN and yet we have a different perspective on it. Hopefully by putting this out on the internet we can get some sort of grassroots support for this version of the movie to be made. There is no doubt that D'Alessandro is a gifted artist visually. I would love to see this guy get a shot at giving us a proper update to the Michael Myers legend.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there prefer the Zombie version of Halloween?



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