Whatever happened to the Mother's Day remake?

Darren Lynn Bousman's MOTHER'S DAY began screening for critics in the fall of last year. Our own Arrow in the Head reviewed the film and said, "Wow...what a movie!" so clearly there was some love for Bousman's retelling of the 1980 cult classic. The film was scheduled to be released on April 1st but was abruptly pulled from the release calendar and now sits on a shelf somewhere. So when can we expect to finally see MOTHER'S DAY and will it ever be in a theater?

Bousman checked in with Shock Till You Drop and said that, "It is not a DVD release," but just as quickly added that he couldn't give an exact date on when exactly it would hit theaters. He said that unlike previous releases where he was kept firmly in the loop by Lionsgate, he's very much out of the loop this time around. "For the most part, I get information the same time you do. When I wake up, I scour the genre sites seeing what, if any information has been released."

All this said, Bousman said he's hearing something about a release in the "second quarter" of this year, so hopefully sometime later this spring. But without a firm release date, who knows when it will finally hit theaters. And at this rate, it's possible that Bousman's next thriller, 11-11-11, will wind up in theaters before MOTHER'S DAY.



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