What's Michael Bay and Taylor Lautner's secret new project?

Well it appears that Michael Bay is done with his boy toy Shia LaBeouf after their (hopefully) final Transformers outing, and is moving on to the next young piece of meat that's all the rage today.

That would be of course Taylor Lautner, who has rocketed to fame after baring his abs in the Twilight series. He was one of the best paid actors of 2010, and has a huge slate of projects on the horizon. Bay has reportedly been courting Lautner for a while now, and apparently has landed him at last, and is currently shopping around a script with him as the lead.

Deadline reports that while details of the film are being kept under wraps, it's best described as MR. AND MRS. SMITH meets WANTED. So I guess it has to do with Angelina Jolie and assassination.

Lautner's next two high profile projects are INCARCERATION and STRETCH ARMSTRONG, the latter of which I'm assuming he took before he realized what a big star he was. In terms of starring in films that make a lot of cash, he could do worse than to team up with Bay.

Extra Tidbit: For as much shit as Bay gets for being an ego-maniacal douche, I'm thoroughly all for him making more movies that are non-giant robot related. The guy has a lot of classics under his belt.
Source: Deadline



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