What's next for Anderson/Crowe

Got some interesting information on the next films from directors Paul Thomas Anderson and Cameron Crowe.  First up, Anderson may follow his untitled Adam Sandler comedy with a musical.  BOOGIE NIGHTS star Mark Wahlberg spoke recently about his talks with Anderson and this project and said, "me and Paul Thomas Anderson have discussed [a musical] at length. Just a matter of finding the right thing. He's actually writing one, which is going to be crazy, a Paul Thomas Anderson musical. A lot of cocaine."  He went on to hint that the script is actually finished saying, "this is a kind of like a weird action drama thing he wrote. Kind of like the Chest and Brock movie, the characters we came up with in Boogie Nights, but a real, full-blown action feature with these guys running around crazy." Anderson has said previously that the musical number in MAGNOLIA was his way of practicing for a musical project he hoped to make one day.  Could this be that film?...

As for Cameron Crowe, the director passed on CATCH ME IF YOU CAN with Leonardo DiCaprio to instead work on his own script for his next project. While out promoting VANILLA SKY, the director said it would be a complete 180 from SKY and would be more like his earlier projects.  "It's a little bit like the style of JERRY MAGUIRE," Crowe says, "but it's an ensemble character comedy-drama. It's actually more like SAY ANYTHING."  He went on to say that he's half-finished with the script but gave no hints on when filming would begin.

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